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  1. bamboo

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    new person here and will so appreciate any input you can give. i am having to try medications for hypertension. am on Atenolol and it's okay. doc gave me Diovan HCT and i had pain in legs so bad i could hardly walk, plus other side effects. took days to get back to normal. she is suggesting that i will need to be on 2 or 3 different drugs and i am having trouble facing trying more. she doesn't provide info on side effects (says to ask the pharmacist), but these drugs typically have long lists of effects, so don't know how to approach this. anyone have any advice or experience with having to do this? am very apprehensive about going back for next appt.
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    Recently when new research was released concerning the use of diuretics as compared to conventional hypertension meds, I was very interested. The research showed that the diuretics were every bit as able to control blood pressure as the common hypertensive meds, and with less side effects.
    I consulted with my Primary Care physician about this, and also my nephrologist who I see for hypertension and kidney problems, and he concluded it was a good therapy.
    I have been taking triamterene/HCTZ (a diuretic) in place of the clonodine for over 4 months now. The triampterene is actually doing a better job of controlling my BP than the clonidine was doing.
    You might look into this in a web search "diuretics hypertension", and then ask your doctor about it. You might also if not happy with your docs recommendations, see another.
    Best wishes, LL

    Oh by the way---Welcome to the board!
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    the Diovan HCT sent me to the bathroom about every 20 minutes for the first several hours after taking it. i have interstitial cystitis, so am concerned about the effects of diuretics, even though i have also recently read that they are once again being prescribed. thanks so much for taking the time to reply, though!
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    I also saw that research on diuretics, and that might be something to ask your doctor about, unless you live in Florida like I do. In a hot, sweaty climate, I am afraid of diuretics, esp. since I spend a lot of time outside working in my garden and walking my dogs. Heat and diuretcis often equal dizziness and dehydration.
    I had the same awful trouble you did with modern BP meds. The Calcium Channel blockers almost killed me with dangerous arrhythmias, nausea, hair loss, shaking, etc. I went through 10 months of hell and 10 different meds before throwing them all in the trash. Then I did without meds for 4 yrs. while controlling my BP with megadoses of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. Then my BP jumped again at menopause and I had to do something. Luckily, I saw an article about how a very old BP med looked promising for the treatment of Fibromyalgia, but not to use it if you had low BP. It suppresses the hyperactive side of the nervous system that is always turned on in Fibro people,while also lowering blood pressure. It has been a Godsend for me. It is called Catapres. The only drawback is you either have to remember to take it 2 or 3 times a day in cheap pill form, or use an expensive patch. I can't afford the patch, and I read that 51% had allergic reactions to the patch which then transferred to the pills. I can't afford to lose the only med that has worked for me, so I am sticking with the pills. If your diagnosis is Fibro, you may want to ask your doc if you can try Catapres.
    In empathy,
    P.S. I see where Layinglow says diuretics worked better for her than Catapres (it's generic name is clonodine HCL). I like the calming effect from Catapres, and think that is worth something too, since my biggest blood pressure rises occur when I get angry. We are all different.
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  5. JLH

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    Lopressor and Diovan HCT for my high blood pressure.

    I have no problems with either. I have been on Lopressor for so many years that I can't count them! I think it's a beta blocker. Last year, I was put on Diovan (with no diuretic in it) first, then needed the water pill to reduce swelling in my legs, so the doc changed it to the Diovan HCT (with the water pill in it). The Diovan is an ace inhibitor which also affords heart protection (and kidney protection???). My cardiologist said that they look for reasons to put heart patients and diabetics on an ace inhibitor. I first tried Altace but it gave me such a dry cough that I would cough all night and could not sleep. I couldn't stand that since I don't get much sleep anyway!
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    I was on Verapamil for many years, but never liked it..Since I have been on OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, I have had the lowest ever blood pressure, and it is just one of the problems it has conquered...I was going to check out the diuretics, but don't need to now..

  7. layinglow

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    You know I was a bit afraid of the diuretics, too...as I live in the hill country of Texas, where its not unusual from June-the end of Aug. to have 100 degree plus temps....but ya know I am pumping huge amounts of water with lime in it, anyway, for my relentless kidney probs---and I actually think the extra "flushing" due to water intake increase, and the diuretic....has made some improvement.

    Best wishes,