hyperventilate and migraine?

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    It has been long time I actually had post or visit this web site. I went to see new dr, neurolist, to rule out few things so my ra dr can deicde whatever if I have FMS or not. Well, I mentioned to him that I have been suffer with a lot of short of breathe for few years. This usually assoicated with my rapid heartbeat, and weakness in legs. I also told him about my headaches and etc. He asked if I had suffer the ear ringing which I told him that I have it for all of my life and was assume it was cuz of my deafness. He said it prop is... Well, after he examied me, he really thinks I have migraine which aren't really surprising me. Plus I have couple small lesions which shows that I do have it. I often suffer the dull headaches but usually easily to get rid of. There are couple times in a year that I could NOT get rid of my headaches which make things unbearable and makes me want to be alone from everyone. The dr gave me intmex for it. He said to only use it as need.

    He was still not quite sure why my legs are weakness along with my heart racing and shortness of breath, mostly that it usually strike when I am only using stairs and up on hills. Well, he said he wants me to breathe deep for full one minute. At right at 25 second, I was too dizzy (like that everything starts to spin) and my ears was ringing like crazy. He said that I was kinda hyperventilating and could not finish for a minute.

    I'm curious if this happened to anyone. I had been try to read to find more information related to migraine and hyperventilate.. I still couldn't find it.. I know one of my dr did diagnoised me with FM. But I am seeing RA to see if I am really having it... Sorry this is long post.. I just curious if anyone had this eposide... He thinks there are chance that I have POTS... HE said if this gets worse, he will send me to lung dr... I am relieve to know this wasn't all in my head... But I had seen that they said hyperventilate usually related to anxiety or panic but I wasn't really anxiety... So I'm little confuse.