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  1. Kathleen12

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    As I mentioned on an earlier post, when we get desperate we'll try just about anything, right? Well I just tried a psychic and am now considering hypnotherapy. Any one on here ever tried that with any success?
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    Hi Kathleen,
    I was desperate to stop the panic attacks I was having at work and went to a hypnotherapist last year. I know people who stopped smoking using this technique and thought maybe he could help me. He did teach me some good meditation techniques but unfortunately it didn't help my panic attacks after two treatments.
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    In fact I used to be one lolol!

    As with any profession, you can get good and bad. Have also seen psychologist hold themselves out as hypnotists but then don't do any for some weird reason. It can really help therapy go faster. And can help with pain control... not sure what you're interested in using it for.

    Even past lives therapy can be of help even if you don't believe in reincarnation... whether or not one's had a past life and carried a trauma with, or imagined one's self in a traumatic situation because of a movie or a story.... well the mind doesn't necessarily differentiate.

    hope this helps -

  4. victoria

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    deep relaxation... which of course benefits the immune system and everything else too.

    Also, you could try meditation - you can go into very deep states that way too that are equally beneficial to the body.

    If you're interested in that, get Herbert Benson MD's book, The Relaxation Response. It's old you should find it cheap or in your library even... explains very simply how to meditate, exactly the way transcendental meditators do it actually (I've done that too, lol).

    all the best,

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