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  1. kking0412

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    anyone tried hypnotherapy for insomnia or anything?

    LISALOO New Member

    I was wondering the same, I have such a negative attitude about my health, my mom told me to go to one.
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    Yes, I tried hypnotherapy several years ago after a major accident to better help me deal with the horrile pain. I feel this accident led to my FM. I was lucky & had a great hypnotherapist referred to me by a nurse friend. I was reticent to do this, believe me. Money was so tight. I was so miserable, I caved in & took my friend's advice. The therapist helped me with relaxation techniques, with the pain issues and insomnia. I use the relaxation techniques to this day(& night)! to help me sleep. As with anything, I imagine your success depends upon your openness to new ideas and the skill of the therapist. My insurance covered this around 70%. I am SO glad that I did this. It was a positive thing in my life. Good luck with it.
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    Hypnotherapy is a good tonic for the mind because it is a vicious circle of the coping strategies and stages with these ongoing problems

    Meditation techniques can help, I need to learn a lot more about them but know some basics. Also if you can get a real good in tune reiki master is a soothing experience
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    ok. DH is a certified hypnotherapist, that is actually how he got started in the metaphysical. we FINALLY started working on me this week.

    night one: worked like a charm, he finished talking, there was a short wait and I was suddenly in ~ I don't want to say black hole because that has the wrong connotations. velvet or mink lined black hole? no dreams, solid sleep except I woke up too early.

    night two: he tried some different wording and it did not work as well, I did not have a good night. I finally fell asleep (normal) around the time it was time for normal people to consider getting up. I do feel less draggy tho. Also, I had him put something in there about revived libido (yah! immediate twinges!) and the nerve blockers not affecting *that* area. stay tuned......