Hypo-thyroid and menopausal...bad combo

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Donna8, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Donna8

    Donna8 New Member

    I'm been taking Synthroid for almost a year, but my energy level is non-existant. I've gained a load of weight in the past few years and before menopause I was able to lose 20 lbs in a month without any problem, now the weight just doesn't budge, and of course I must lose more at this point.
    I realize that I must exercise vigorously to lose this weight, but I just don't have the energy, so I'm in a catch-22 situation.
    Any suggestions to increase energy and thus stimulate my metabolism?
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  2. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Donna.. have the same thing going on here.. been on Atkins since last June and Im slowly gaining it back and I basically eat the same as I did then.. except I have added a slice of low carb bread most every day and.. I do sometimes have the low carb ice cream but i measure it out and its only a half a cup.. so .. Im not sure why Im gaining.
    I did just read an article this morning on here.. cant remember which site but it sure sounds like I need to get another evaluation and see an Endocrinologist soon here to see if they can help me more ..
    Wish you the best of luck..
  3. LadyD

    LadyD New Member

    Boy, do I feel your pain Donna. I'm in the same boat & have NO energy at all. I've been on Synthroid for about 10 years & am now one big hot flash to boot. I've always heard that thyroid med should eliminate your symptoms, but still have most of them. I know soy can help with menopause symptoms, but read that soy can cause problems absorbing thyroid med. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    I go to a forum for atkins and.. they have other topics.. They say to stay away from soy or soy products.. period if you are taking synthroid or having thyroid problems..
    This week getting stuff to try to make my own mayonaise.. First ingredient for that stuff is soybean oil!.. read .. read.. on ingredients... its in stuff that you wouldnt ever think..
    also. on calcium.. you have to be careful taking that too. My pharmacist.. says its ok but to make sure to space it at least 3 to 4 hrs apart.. while taking synthroid..
    Hope this helps..
  5. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    menopausal here too.... actually not had a period in a yr.. this month but.. went a yr before that but when I started the synthroid.. I had one for a few days for 2 mos.. then it stopped completely..
  6. Saltshaker

    Saltshaker New Member

    I have been on synthroid for years and have struggled with menopause symtoms including hot flashes, moodiness, you know how it goes! But I go to a Dr.that really does her best to help me and she has diagnosed me for yeast, so I have started taking a really strong oregano oil,and a flora force product, that yeast in your body can really mess you up.And I started taking a Tablespoon of flaxseed oil morning and evening, and that stuff is so good, like I crave it. I like to put it on popcorn , or on cereal like a granola.And you want a good kind that wasnt heated much to process it. That is so good for all kinds of problems.And finally I use the resolve progesterone cream! This sounds like alot, but I am finally feeling really good and the hot flashes are down to almost nothing! i also take a good calcium that doesnt have soy and a vitamin B complex.
    I also have a very sluggish metabolism since menopause and gained about 20 pounds but feel more hopeful about losing them now since I am doing much better physically. I like to do The South Beach Diet. The oil is also for the weight loss.And you feel SO SATISFIED with it.
    Hope this helps!Everyone is different, but this is what helped me.

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