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    60 lbs ago my blood sugar was 500+ now I can't seem to get it above 130 and thats when i eat candy its usually 80. sometimes have episodes when it goes under 50. it this normal?
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    Generally speaking, a blood sugar of 50 is a little on the low side of optimal.

    If you are having episodes when your sugars dip below 50, you should consult with your health care provider. For people diagnosed as diabetic, sugars below 70 are sometimes considered "hypoglycemic."

    Take a month or two of your recorded daily readings in -- hopefully you have that in hard copy or digital. Your doc will likely want to know whether there is any pattern as to when these low blood sugar episodes occur.

    If you have lost 60 lbs, it's possible your body is handling sugar differently & is more responsive to insulin. If you are on RX insulin or if you are on antiglycemic meds (oral diabetes meds), you really need to ck in with your doc.

    Hopefully you can get in for a medical exam sooner rather than too far out in time. You need to mention the "50" sugar readings -- that should scoot you up the priority list. Until you do get in, take care with those "low" episodes. Sometimes people get sort of brain fog with low blood sugar & may have slowed reaction times which can make driving or operating equipment dangerous.

    Best wishes to you.