hypoadrenalism: when to take licorice?

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  1. sb439

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    Hi, I'm re-introducing licorice into diet, and am not sure when best to take it. The adrenals need it most (I believe) at 4am in the morning, so there is one doctor who lets his CFIDS patients drink it at that time. However, if I wake myself up in the middle of the night, I'm feeling terrible all day.
    My question: is it then better to take the stuff in the evening (so that some is still available to the adrenals at 4am), or in the morning on arising? Does anyone know?
    Many thanks.
  2. LadyMT

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    I was recently given licorice. I take it with breakfast and with lunch. I believe my doc said that it keeps you awake so that is why it shouldn't be taken later in the day. But then... I don't always remember everything I'm told. :)

  3. klutzo

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    Please keep us posted on how this works for you. I have always thought of it as a symptom reliever rather than soemthing to actually re-build the adrenals. Are you taking anything else besides the licorice? What form are you taking it in?
    Please everyone remember that licorice should not be used if you have high blood pressure.
  4. CelticLadee

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    I agree. My naturopath has me take my licorice upon rising from bed in the morning before breakfast. CLD
  5. LadyMT

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    I take a licorice and ginger concoction that is in a very thick liquid form. Tastes kinda nasty but I chase it with water.

  6. AmyKaiser

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    licorice is a symptom reliever...
    like ginseng...
    i posted on another thread that, from what i have read, taking licorice for periods longer than 5 days at a time is dangerious..i believe the risk is to your liver
  7. sb439

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    Thanks for your helpful replies!

    I don't think licorice is dangerous for the liver (except if taken in megadoses) but of course I may have missed something. Licorice is dangerous in that it depletes the body of potassium, so if one takes it, one should (a) make sure one eats enough food with potassium, and (b) have one's potassium level monitored: best have the blood level tested before you start. And, as Klutzo points out, it raises your bloodpressure (mine's low, so that's ok), it also speeds up liver detox phase one, so if you have multiple chemical sensitivity, you may want to counter that by taking grapefruit juice or niacinamide.

    When my CFIDS was much worse 1 1/2 years ago, I started taking licorice, building up to two-three capsules (450mg each) twice a day (which is more than the recommended maximum, so I don't recommend this to anyone). I was also taking vitamin C, E, and B and a multivit-and min's. I got noticeably better, especially in stress tolerance. There may be various reasons for that, and not just the licorice, although there is an Italian guy who claims to have cured himself from CFIDS just by taking licorice. Licorice has several advantages, beyond helping the adrenals: it has antiviral properties, and as many of us suffer from virusses, it may help there two (I believe that happened in my case, with HHV6 reactivation); it also helps with digestion, so as many of us have digestive problems, it may be useful there, too.

    All the best,
    Klutzo, I forgot to answer your question: I have now ordered capsules with organic powdered licorice root (there are several organic brands, google or yahoo search will help, and I also bought some licorice extract (glycinate), i.e. drops you take in water, the advantage is it works faster and dosation (?) is easier, but I don't know if the effect is any better. Will keep you posted. I also started to take some adrenal concentrate, 80mg, and vitamin C 2 grams a day. At the same time I'm weaning myself off the low dose cortef.
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  8. klutzo

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    Does the adrenal concentrate have both cortisol and adrenalin in it?
    Why do you want to go off Cortef?
    I just read something recently that said you should never take licorice ROOT, but I can't remember why, or where I saw it. sorry.
    Thanks for all the info. Very interesting.
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  9. sb439

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    The stuff I take is by Nutri-West (recommended by my doctor, since the cows (poor creatures) they're made from are apparently from New Zealand and healthy ... well ... It's called adreno-lyph and contains 81 mg of bovine tissue concentrates from Adrenal, parotid 1mg (nothing else). There is also a combination of the stuff with vitamins, but as I'm taking NDF at the moment, I can't have vitamins in the morning.

    Why off the Cortef? (a) I want my growth hormone level tested, and cortef interferes with the results, they say. (b) I like to see how far I can be independent of prescription drugs (c) cortef does not have healing powers (either), but only masks the deficiency (d) some people say that even in small doses it may lead the body to stopping producing the stuff itself.

  10. sb439

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    it seems the general consensus is: in the morning. So in the morning I shall take it.
  11. dannybex

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    Just wondering if your cortisol levels have been tested? Licorice works for those with low cortisol (and other adrenal hormones) but it does raise cortisol, so is not good for those with already elevated levels. I was taking it a few years ago, then stopped, then started again last year. Then I had a salivary hormone test done and my cortisol levels were through the roof all day long. No wonder my anxiety was so high. (I stopped the licorice, and took Seriphos to lower the cortisol.)

    Just a good idea to get tested first.


  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    When using licorace. It, like ginkgo, can cause it to go up.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    my cortisol is low, and so is my blood pressure (so licorice seems just right for me, I also love the taste), but yes, I agree, best getting these things tested first!
    ps: I took a small amount at night, out of curiosity, and it didn't keep me awake.