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    I've been toying with the idea of going to my doctor and asking if I have hypoglycemia. I fit all the symptoms listed on the internet (shaky, moody, weepy, trembly, headaches that go away when I eat sugar, all that good stuff). I was wondering if anyone here has hypoglycemia and if it came after their FM. Am also curious about treatment. I've only been diagnosed for about 7 months, but have had persistent, interfering symptoms for over a year. Just looking for some information. I know what a treasure trove we have here with all these wonderful, loving people!!!

    Thanks so much in advance--

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    I was DX'D with FM,CFS and Hypoglycemia all in the same year. That was 30 years ago.Many of the symptoms of Hypo.are much the same as FM. I can tell you I had unbelievable itching with the Hypo.Mostly on my outter thighs. I had such a flaky itchy scalp I didn't dare shake my head in public,as well as all the other things you encounter with Hypoglycemia. The itchingness and scalp problem was the first things to clear up when I got my sugar under control. I wish the pain and depression of the FM/CFS was as easy to control.
    The best advice I can give you about talking to your DR.about testing you for Hypo. is to not settle for a simple blood test. Unless things have changed you need at least a 4 hour glycose tolerance test,5 hours might be better.But what you are feeling could also just be the FM.
    Everyday its something.If one thing doesn't hurt something else does. It's very important that you have a GOOD DR. no matter how many you have to try. You certainly do not need one that blames everything on FM because you never know when it might be something else and you could be in for trouble. So take nothing for granted, be careful and take care.I will watching for further postings. SR
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    I would avoid the glucose tests which go on all day. Blood glucose can fluxuate so rapidly that these tests are not totally reliable. Also, they are very hard on us.

    The treatment is simply a low-carb diet. Eliminate all forms of sugar except what is in fruit. Do not eat anything made with white flour, white rice, or white potatoes. Try to bypass processed foods and eat fresh veggies.

    The Syndrome X, Atkins, and Suzanne Somers diets are excellent ways to do this. I like the Somersize diet because it is easier to follow and she has wonderful recipies to help one eat healthy and delicious food.

    Avoid caffeine, nicotine, Neutrasweet (aspertame), MSG, and artifical coloring, flavors, and preservatives. Stevia is a healthy sweetener; it is an antioxidant. It does not taste as good as sugar. Splenda tastes like sugar but contains chlorine. Somersweet, sold on HSN and the Suzanne Somers website, is very sweet, but there have been some questions regarding one of the ingredients. I believe it is probably safe to use and ongoing tests have shown no problems with cancer in lab animals. The questions dealt with the short time of the trials for FDA approval. Also, the company has altered the formula to make it safer.

    Most of us feel a lot better when we eliminate these things and eat a low-carb diet. You could try it to see how you feel.

    Love, Mikie
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    with hypoglycemia when I was in my 20's (am 44 now). I wasn't diagnosed with FM until July of last year, although I think I have had it most of my life. I used to follow the hypoglycemia diet and it helped my symptoms (like the ones you mentioned). I haven't had any trouble with it for many years.

    Like the other person who posted said, you should have the five hour glucose tolerance test. That's what I had. I remember my mother going with me and I was glad she did. In the middle of the test I began to feel sick and light headed and was glad I didn't have to drive home. If you have a shorter glucose tolerance test the results may not be accurate.