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    I was recently diagnosed with Hypoglycemia after ten years of going from doctor to doctor. Those years were super tough on me. At one point I thought I was going crazy. It was difficult making a solid decision on even the smallest of things. My new hypo diet has really helped alot, but my doctor doesn't want me to take meds yet and wants to see if I can control it with the new diet she suggested. I'm doing well with the diet but I have no idea what is safe to snack on in between meals. I also need snacks that I can carry 24/7 on me and won't spoil quickly. Any suggestions?
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    I am having problems giving up the sugar (my total weakness). Right now I am eating mixed nuts for in between meals and to carry with me. I am also eating 1/2 oz to 1 oz of cheese with raw vegetables for in between meals as well. Other than that I am in the same spot.

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    High Protein snacks is what they usually recommend for hypoglycemia..and the three above can be carried with you...Now, if you have mycoplasmas, Jelly says, to stay away from the nuts and seeds...You could, also, take some low glycemic fruits (complex carbohydrates), like all kinds of berries, apples, etc.

    Just some ideas,
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    I'm going to buy some nuts today!

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    My doctor suggested Splenda sweetner but only if I absolutly think I'll cheat and reach for some sugar. Ask your doctor if it's ok for you and if so keep a few packets on you. I know its hard, but when I think of all the times I suffered and my loved ones suffered because of my hypo outbursts. It makes me stay away from the bad stuff.

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    Hi, Hazelgem. You said you went from doctor to doctor for ten years. Would you please share what your symptoms were/how you felt? The reason I ask is because I believe I have hypoglycemic symptoms, but my bloodwork has never shown that. Thanks.
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    I have problems with hypoglicemia and fight with my sweet tooth quite a bit.
    In a regular sugar test I never show a problem but with the GTT my sugar goes very low and shows that I really have a prblem with hypoglicemia, I would sugest to talk to your doctor about it
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    My symptoms began ten years ago when one day while I was at work. I felt like I was having a heart attack, I rushed to the hospital were I finally calapsed and remained there for 5 days in intensive care. Doctors did all sorts of tests because they couldn't explain why a 22 year old, who seemed in such good health physically was shutting down. I had requested the GTT test because my mother suffers from HG and thought maybe that was my answer, but the test came out normal. On the 5th day I was discharged with no clue what was wrong with me. So after that the nightmare began with anything from normal days to insanity.

    My symptoms were the following
    Internal and External Trembling
    Heart Palpatations
    Anxiety Attacks
    Chatter Box (Talking fast)
    Memory Loss
    Slurred Speech and Studdering
    Loss of Balance
    Mood Swings, crying for no reason or yelling. Totally different from my normal personality.
    Irregular bowel movements
    Depression and worse during PMS

    Each day was different somedays all the symptoms hit me in a day. It took ten years but I finally found a doctor that recognized my problem right away and I'm slowly feeling normal again. My suggestion to you would be to keep a journal like I did. Write down how you feel from the moment you wake till bed time and Especially before and 1hour after meals. Go to your doctor with the journal and explain how your feeling. With the journal in hand your less likely to forget and the doctor has a good start on what to look for. You may need a GTT test and blood test. Good Luck
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    A GTT will often be normal in Fibro patients who have HG. We are more sensitive to swings in blood sugar. You may also find that having Fibro causes you to become very, very ill during the test. I had two GTT's before getting Fibro, and had zero symptoms. After getting Fibro, I had a GTT, and it made me so ill I could not drive home. It took 3 days to completely recover. Yet the results were normal. Dr. St. Amand says in his book that 40% of Fibro patients have HG, and so many will get sick from the GTT that he no longer uses it. Some of us can have HG symptoms way above the HG range. For example, when my blood sugar (BS) dropped to 70 during the test, they had to get me a blanket for the goose bumps and shivering, help me walk becaue I got so dizzy and weak, and I was peeing every 10 minutes. HG is not normally diagnosed unless your BS falls below 50.
    As far as what to take with you, I find Protein Bars to be a lifesaver. They give your sweet tooth a fix without wrecking your diet, and they also give you a chocolate fix if you are so inclined, but they use cocoa, which is the form of chocolate good for your heart. Most bars have 24 grams of protein and 1-3 carb grams. I also like walnuts, since they are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, and they raise serotonin as well, a real bonus for Fibro folks.
    I would also like to suggest getting some Stevia from the health food store. It is the safest sweetner in the world, and does not affect your blood sugar level. It has been used in S. America as their table sugar forever and comes from a plant. It is expensive but you only need a tiny dash of it, since it is much sweeter than sugar. An $11 bottle of Super Stevia will last me about 5 months. The reason it is not sold next to the sugar at your supermarket is because the powerful Nutrasweet lobby has strong-armed the FDA into calling it a supplement.
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    Funny you should mention protein bars, just yesterday I went to GNC and bought a U Turn protein bar with whey in it. So tasty I was shocked. Thanks for letting me know a little about FB. I'll do some research.