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    Went and had blood work done because of my memory loss becoming so much more pronounced - I found out my Thyroid is underactive (was normal in February, last bloodwork) So now I am on Synthroid. Hope I lose some of the weight I have gained since last March! 30 lbs.! Anyone else have this? Also my cholesterol is still very high.
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    I've been on Synthroid for the past 18+ years. Once I got the initial dose correct I have only had to change it a couple of times in all those years.

    I just had a my cholesterol checked and my PCP told me my good cholesterol (HDL) was VERY high and my total cholesterol was 150. I've been pretty much following a diabetic diet for the past four years. Sometimes I slip up a little, but I do try to stick with it.

    I'm a big believer that your cholesterol levels are somewhat heriditary. My former MIL had high cholesterol and tried everything to lower it, diet, meds, nothing worked. My ex also has somewhat elevated cholesterol. So far our kids are doing fine in that department.

    Good luck with your hypothyroidism treatment.

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    According to what medical sites on the net say, Synthroid and levoxyl are the same thing. Check it out for yourself so you know for sure. I have had hypothyroidism since the 80's, but wasn't diagnosed until the early 90's. My cholesterol is wonderful, so I doubt the thryoid has anything to do with that. It takes months to get the thyroid back to normal because they have to start you out on the lowest dosage of thyroid hormone possible, and then wait for about 3 months before you go back in to be checked again. Sometimes it can take up to a YEAR, yes.....a YEAR to get it right. Be sure your doc is treating you by the way you feel and not by what the test results say. GP's have a bad habit of telling you you're within 'normal' ranges, but fail to tell you that you might be on the LOW end of those normal ranges. I got so fed up with my GP's lack of knowledge about the thyroid that I finally saw an endoctrinologist. He had me straightened out within a couple of weeks. He said I tested on the LOW end of normal and apparently I don't do well there. He increased my synthroid dosage and within 2 weeks my head cleared up, fog was gone, pain was gone, fatigue was gone and I had energy to burn! No kidding, all I needed was more synthroid and I feel super! Some lose weight when their thyroid is taken care of, but some don't because they continue to eat the WRONG stuff or are too sedentary. It's easy to blame the thyroid on our extra weight, but it's not always to blame.

    Marilyn :)
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    Are you taking any meds with weight gain as a side effect like Elavil or Flexeril? These put 40 pounds on me that I am now taking off. The Synthroid should help you. My doc put me on it even though my labs were in the normal range. Researchers are taking another look at what is considered normal. My labs have gotten even better since being on the Synthroid.

    Both my blood pressure and my lipids have dramatically improved since being on the Suzanne Somers diet. It's carbs, not fat, which make the cholesterol rise. I eat butter, cream, and meat on this diet and my cholesterol went from 191 to 166 by eliminating white sugar, white rice, anything made with flour, and high-glycemic fruit and starchy veggies.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    and have been on Levoxyl. She has upped my dosage numerous times with no improvement. I am having bloodwork to check my progress next week, but as of my last bloodtests I was already in the 'normal' range. Luckily, my dr. does not judge your meds intake by your tests alone. She said if I don't improve this next test, she is putting me on Armour. I just want to feel better, but I think that most of what I feel in Fibro related.

    Some say Thyroid problems and Fibro go hand in hand. Guess we have found that out.
    Hope your health improves.