1. I've been hearing and reading about the dysfunction of the hypothalamus playing a role in CFS. Has anyone tried anything to treat this?
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    My issues isn't the CFS, but in 1999 I went thru an emotional trauma at age 61, sudden job loss, and my body went into a fight/flight/fright mode, which is hypothalamus driven. That was 14 yrs ago and althou my body has "relaxed" with the help of a lot of stuff including bodywork and meditation, I still have the flight mode..

    I've taken Standard Process hypothalamus product a couple times but not recently....you might want to google: hypothalamus help supplements

    Do you deal with both FM/CFS? So much is a puzzle of what really is going on. jam
  3. Same here - I had traumas as a child and a lot of on-going stress during my teens and twenties. My body was in fight or flight response a lot during my life, I realised. I too have been doing meditation but I still too have the excess adrenalin (fight or flight). Did any of those supplements help?
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    I don't recall if the standard process supp helped, but you can do a search for hypothalamus support and give some a try...only know if you try. I'm much better after all these years but a stressful issue really knocks me down.... B vitamins do help all that too and other stress/anxiety supps and YES meditation is very beneficial...