Hypothyroid and Toothpaste and foods

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    I had my first appt. with my new Holistic M.D. two days ago, and she told me something I think some folks here may be interested in. I have since looked it up in a book I have on hypothyroid and confirmed that it's true.
    I know there are many here who are hypothyroid, and I expect there are many more who have not been dx'd with it.

    The doc told me that fluoride used to be used as a medicine to treat hyperthyroid and that it definitely supresses the thyroid, so I should not use toothpaste with fluoride in it.
    The book I have says that some people become hypothyroid just by moving to areas where water is fluoridated, and can become normal just by moving to an area where the water is not treated.
    I was also told not to eat any raw cruciferous veggies (kale, spinach, cauliflower, brocolli, brussel sprouts or cabbage). Cooking cancels out their supressive effect on the thyroid, but they should still be limited to one serving daily. Also I was told not to eat too many nuts, esp. walnuts and pine nuts as they supress thyroid...this was bad news since I use walnuts for Omega-3 oils and to increase my serotonin level.
    Also, don't use Iodized salt if you are eating processed foods, taking a multi-vitamin with iodine in it, or eating a lot of seafood. Too much iodine is just as bad for the thyroid as too little. The exception to this rule is people who live in the "Goiter belt" of the upper midwest where there is little iodine in the soil...they need the iodized salt.
    Since I am on Guai, and had a hard enough time finding a toothpaste that wouldn't block the Guai, I decided to just use baking soda. I called my dentist and he said baking soda is just fine as a toothpaste for anyone who is as careful about flossing and water pik as I am. He also told me you don't need to add peroxide to the baking soda unless you have gum disease.
    Just thought this might help some of you with hypothyroid.
    P.S. I just started taking Armour Thyroid and I am already in a better mood. I actually spent 20 mins. talking to one of my husband's relatives without getting even slightly angry! That's a first for me in recent years.I also am already having the tingling and lessening of pain in my shoulders that someone else here described!
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    I've known about the thyroid/fluoride connection for a few years now and about a year ago we discussed that on here, but it's been long forgotten. One of my brothers-in-law has used baking soda all his life and has never, EVER had a cavity, so it does work. I stopped drinking fluoridated water in '97. If a person does research on the net about fluoride, they will find out all sorts of interesting facts. That stuff is really deadly and many dentists now refuse to use it in their practice's.

    I found a wonderful toothpaste called "Tom's of Maine" natural toothpaste. Fluoride Free, propolis & myrrh. It's made with baking soda, glycerin, water, sodium bicarbonate, xylitol from birch trees, ginger oil and peppermint oil, seaweed, coconut oil, myrrh and propolis. They have a website, but I can't give you the url. I see they now have four flavors instead of just one. Go to the Google search engine and put in Tom's of Maine Toothpaste in the search box. Their site comes up right on top and there's a "Browse & Buy Products" link at the top of their pages. They also sell natural deodorants, soaps, etc....

    Marilyn :)
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    i did know about this and have my concerns because, while so far the area i live in does not add flouride our govt. are talking about adding it to all our water....which would be terrible for many reasons.....
    its good you post this and the info re food, i have read up on this and stopped eating raw cauliflower which i used to like, and eat less nuts but i do eat them sometimes.

    i have been taking the armour thyroid since last july and i noticed a diffference quickly too.
    i want to try and read more of your posts because i saw you posted onto jelly's thread re" is this why," that you believe that a stressed adrenal system to be an underlying factor...i am currently reading another book on adrenal stress and am coming to a similar conclusion.....as in its one of the main components for why i got to be this ill and why despite my years of trying so hard to get well i wasn't able to........because the underlying burnt out adrenal situation had not been treated.
    i am conerned how much damage has been done to my body that i was hypoadrenal and hyperthyroid for at least 11 years...though i actually can see the adrenal symptoms go back to the very begining of my chronic illness 23 years ago.
    Funnily enough when io first got sick i used to see this lovely homeopath, a woman who was also getting ill in a similar way to me, and she said then ' we are burnt out"
    its just that we didn't know here in UK about this nor what to do .about it.
    After then the picture of my illness has always been immune system dysfunction dominent, but i never saw what was the missing piece of the jigsaw until we did the cortisol and adrenal funtion test just before last christmas.
    I am trying to understand where in this the mycoplasma fits in.
    I need to read a lot more, and i have cognitive problems so it will take me a while,
    best wishes
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    Hi Marilyn - my hubby uses Tom's of Maine, but I cannot since I am on Guai and it is loaded with blockers! I am also allergic to bee products, so propolis is a no-no. Others may find this info helpful though, so thanks for posting it.

    Pinkquartz - are you treating the adrenal insufficiency? Have you checked out my two favorite websites? One is chronicfatigue and a dot org, and the other is drrind and a dot com. You will find a dead-on description of our personality type and the physical reasons why we are this way at the first website, and an explanation of why adrenal stress can cause both CFS and FMS, which are just differing stages of adrenal exhaustion. At the second website, you will find a Metabolic Scorecard, which allows you to asses if your problem is thyroid, adrenal or both. In the case of FMS/CFS it is almsot always both.
    I hope your fog has lifted enough that you check this out!

  5. pinkquartz

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    yes i have been tested for both and am treating both.

    i checked out the websites previously......i think we spoke on this before......thru the fog i remember :-}
    .........wish i had daytime internet access...doing this in the evenings when i am tired is harder and slower.

    i feel actually very excited to discover how importent the adrenals are in this disease........am taking low dose cortisol for treatment.

    what do you take for your adrenals?

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    Good going...I hope the drug is helping you??? My last ASI test for adrenals was 4 yrs.ago and I let a conventional doctor talk me out of treatment back then, so I just did a new set of ASI tests yesterday and it will be a couple weeks before I know results. If they are as bad as 4 yrs. ago, I am sure she will put me on low dose Cortef. How much and what kind of relief are you getting from the Cortef and how much are you taking? Any side effects? Are you taking Armour Thyroid or something else? Please forgive me if you have already answered this elsewhere...very foggy today.
  7. pinkquartz

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    i do take Armour thyroid and i feel much better taking this than i ever did on the thyroxine[i think that synthyoid in US]
    i am taking 10mgs of cortisol/cortef at 9am......and 5mgs at 1pm.

    i don't think i have any side effects except possibly my face is getting a bit rounder.
    i want to check if i should reduce the dose with my doctor.

    i feel just a bit more of myself, but for me thats actually a lot.
    people say i seem more "normal". less spaced out
    i can read and process information more than before...and i think i am a little more able to handle stress.
    sadly within 2 weeks of starting the cortisol i had two lots of very bad news and i am currently helping my friend who has had a small stroke.......i don't think i could have done this before, i am more me again.
    i think if my life hadn't got so stressful i would have seen more benefit.

    my only concern is if i am taking too much of the the cortisol......
    and if its possible to repair the damage to my adrenals after being ill and untreated for so long.

    let me know about your test results........we both have female doctors ?
    mine is being so good cos this is not really done here in the UK
    and she is so pleased to see me functioning better.
    i have only been with her for two and a half years and i've been ill so long........i am so very ill that each step forward is so meaningful to me and she really seems to understand that,
    i never had a doctor like this before.
    oops this is a bit long......i have been very foggy today but got excited to talk to you about this

    best wishes
  8. selma

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    on the web. Thank-you. Also will use DrToms of Maine.
  9. ssMarilyn

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    What is propolis? It really has something to do with bee's? So if we can use this toothpaste, Tom of Maine's, then we aren't allergic to bee's stings? Correct me here please, I love to learn new tidbits like this!

    Marilyn :)
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    Propolis is a bee product, but I have forgotten exactly what, so that probably means I am blocking the info because the explanation would be rather disgusting! You will often see bee propolis and royal jelly in the same products, esp. expensive vitamins.
    I am not sure if I would react or not, but since bee sting allergy is life threatening, not just hives and sneezing, I do not want to take the chance.
    I do know two people who reacted to the vitamins with the propolis and royal jelly. It was only a typical itching type of reaction,thank goodness.
    Sorry, I don't remember what it is.... I'll go do a quick websearch, and come back and edit this if I find out. I too like little tidbits of trivia like this!
    Sorry I could not be of more help.

    OK - found it right away! Propolis is a resinous substance made by bees when they collect nectar and balsam from various buds and tree leaves and mix it with their saliva (there's the yuk factor!).
    So, it sounds like it would be more of a problem for those with pollen allergy (which I also have) than for those with bee sting allergy. Therefore, the fact that you can use the toothpaste does not mean you are not allergic to bee stings.
    BTW, I was stung too many times to count before getting fibro, with zero reaction. But, the first time I got stung after getting fibro, I barely made it to the Emer. Rm. in time. It wasn't the usual swelling problem, it was my adrenals. They reacted so strongly my heart almost couldn't take it...after a double dose of Benadryl my pulse was still 232! Thank God for cortisone...it saved me. Just another sensitivity to chalk up to the fibro.
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  11. ssMarilyn

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    Thanks for looking that up. It's good to know as much as we can about the products we are using. Heaven knows we don't need to make our situations worse than they are.

    Marilyn :)