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    I just went to see a great thyroid doc today, called Gordon Skinner. He believes in treating the physical symptoms and not just relying on blood tests/ TSH levels. He said all my symptoms fit in with thyroid troubles, and he kept asking me if I had certain symptoms - most of which I'd never considered a "symptom" (eg seeing moving 'objects' out of the corner of my eye) - but when I thought about it I did have most of them.

    He sees lots of CFS patients and is confident this is the root of my problems. Whilest we're waiting for my bloods to come back, he's put me on a trial dose of Thyroxine (50 to start, building up to 100) and will review my in two months.

    Also, he said that EBV/ Mono is the second biggest trigger of hypothyroidism - the first being adult chicken pox! (I had this june last year, which triggered my problems) Plus I have at least 9 close family members (mum, aunts, cousins) all with hypo it makes it very likely I have the same issue.

    Anyway, I'm mainly posting to ask what the general improvement is for CFS patients after going on thyroid drugs? Do you think it's likely this is the root of the problem, given my family history etc?

    I'm not as confident as he is that it's the sole source of my problems, particularly knowing about EBV reactivation and what not.

    I'm hoping he's right though, or at least that it's a big part of the problem, although in the mean time I'm covering all bases by going on a protein rich diet, and looking into emotional wellbeing, such as the amygdala retraining.

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    Are you actually in Atlanta?? I am in Florida but go to the FFC in Marietta, is that where you are going? I am getting treated for thyroid, adrenals, and candida....I am still feeling pretty poorly though. The Dr. Doesn't take insurance and it is getting expensive. Each trip was $1,000 and meds per month is over $100 and it is killing me!!
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    If your main problem is low thyroid, then thyroid supplementation should help. But I wonder why your doctor is giving you thyroxine, which contains only T4, instead of something like Armour thyroid, which has both T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. If he is a knowledgable thyroid doctor, he should know about this. A good website to read more about why taking something with both T3 and T4 is so important, is stopthethyroidmadness.com

    You should ask your doctor about this now, instead of waiting until you've been taking the thyroxine (T4 only) for 2 months.

    I've been taking Armour thyroid for several years, but it has not cured my CFIDS. I still crash regularly when I overdo it and take 2-3 days to get over the crash. My immune system is also weak. But I do need the Armour thyroid and would be worse off without it.

    Unfortunately, I don't think thyroid supplementation alone will resolve most cases of CFIDS. Otherwise, it would be very simple to fix and we'd all be well. Many of us do need help with our thyroids, but it's not the total answer for most of us.

    But - there are many people with hypothyroidism who are not properly diagnosed, and who will do much better when they get help. So you may be one of these lucky ones. And if you are hypothyroid, you should feel better with the proper thyroid supplementation.

    Take care-

  4. Atlanta8

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    Shalome1990, I'm afraid I'm not in Atlanta, live in the UK.

    Thanks for the info Mary, but there's something funny going on with Armour in the UK. I noticed this on his site:

    "A second issue concerns use of a porcine thyroid extract (Armour Thyroid) which was used extensively in the United Kingdom until introduction of synthetic hormones but was removed from the British National Formulary for reasons which remain unclear."

    And from another site:

    "The original thyroid hormone replacement was Armour Thyroid, a natural thyroid hormone taken from pigs, but this is now not licenced in this country but many of the practitioners use this because they say it is more akin to our own thyroid hormone"

    So goodness knows what's going on with it. BUT from a quick search it appears it is still available privately in about 3 pharmacies in the UK.

    Oh, he did ask me if I was a strict vegetarian though, and I said yes, so that could be why he didn't mention armour. He was looking at my bloods at the time (general blood count) - so I thought it was more related to that. I would have thought if it was the recommended drug he'd have discussed it with me so I imagine he just can't prescribe it anymore.

    I might phone him up soon and ask about it. As much as I don't want to take dessicated pig on a regular basis, if it's available I'll have to consider it.

    Thanks again for the info :)

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