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    Hi again everyone!

    I've been noticing that thyroid disease is mentioned quite often in messages as it pertains to FMS/CFS. I have hypothyroidism for over 25 years and have had my thyroid removed several years ago. I have always taken synthroid. Can anyone explain the real connection between hypothyroid disease and FMS/CFS. Thanks much Member-Pat
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    I was diagnosed with *both* almost at the same time.
    There IS a connection because I have talked with many that have both.
    I too take synthroid but they have been working trying to get my dosage right for 12 years and haven't been able to do so. I have to have the blood work every two months and when I do-they change it again.
    Do you have this problem with yours?
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    In my expereince I think that most of my problems were not FMS, but were caused by undiscovered hormone problems. I wasn't tested for them (or tested correctly) I believe, because I got sick at 18. Once I treated them most of my symptoms dissapeared. Synthroid only has one T hormone. I take Armour thyroid which has lots.