Hypotonia and improvement on Valcyte.

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  1. A couple of questions.

    First off, I'm interested to know how many people diagnosed with CFS here have problems with muscle tone? i.e. Hypotonia.

    I've had issues with muscle weakness and flaccidity ever since I came down with glandular fever aged 15, though I don't see this mentioned an awful lot by other CFS patients except in a few circumstances.

    Second question is with regards to the cognitive improvements the Montoya patients had when on Valcyte, or post-Valcyte.

    Did many of your symptoms regarding word-finding difficulties improve? Were you mentally sharper afterwards? Would you say your cognitive function normalised?

    Cheers guys.
  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    especially since starting valcyte. i'm off it now (as of two months ago); haven't been able to move much beyond making it to the car and back. can't walk much at all; can't get any exercise going as there are too many bad reactions (the post exercise malaise thing). it weighs on me terribly losing all muscle tone.

    as to the cognitive function- yes- i did seem to get stronger with brain focusing power during valcyte, which is one of the markers of its being effective, according to Dr. Montoya. a number of times i have found myself in groove of having no problem with finding words i want. other times, it's not quite there- very puzzling feeling when it happens. but i'm very happy for the times i'm able to channel words the way i want.

    now i'm on valtrex and am so weak and tired and able to sleep at the drop of a hat- i don't even need a hat to drop- it's amazing.

    i so much want to be able to start regaining energy and strength. i am better in many respects- i have no doubt about that.

    well, good luck- hope you get inf. you seek- best, sascha
  3. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    VERY happy to hear about any cognitive improvement. would give anything to have the fog lift.

    still keeping fingers crossed...

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