Hypoxia and Apnea.

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    My diag code on my O2 equip was for acute sleep apnea. Well when I switched equipment suppliers, the nurse at mu docs threw a hissy fit; next thing is the equipment was jerked w/o leaving me with adequate service, which is against thelaw!

    So the local provider I requisted taked to the doc yesterday and the doc told him the apnea wasn't the MAIN reason for the CPAP, O2 canisters et al, it was hypoxia!

    Anyone know what the hey? Cactus.
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    low levels of oxygen in the blood, called hypoxia, which may be due to severe asthma, pneumonia, or other conditions · a hormone imbalance known as adrenal insufficiency, which can be caused by Addison's disease · high levels of acid in the blood, such as respiratory acidosis or metabolic acidosis · nervous system conditions. One example is diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage caused by high glucose levels when diabetes is not well controlled. Serious head injuries or other nervous system damage may also cause low blood pressure.
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    I live in a rural town in south texas....but we have a couple of suppliers with outlets here and service reps et al available 24/7; when the results of my sleep study came back with an 11, the doc would not let me go home without being on C-Pap and a generous supply of O2. It took the nurse, so he says "hours" ie. 9:00p.m. to find a supplier, out of town.

    Well, when the local provider showed to deliver the bed & spinal mattress he was puzzled as to why I had O2 equipment from XYZ Co. out of town. He said their company had equipment here and could have had me home by 3:00 that day, all ready to go instead of our picking it up and bringing it home! Hows that for BS PLUS my pain med for the spinal prob. due to collagen entrapment was changed to morphine.

    Alot of changes in one day. I tell my family how horrid it felt to wake up, everything was "normal" ie. dogs in bed, fiddling with my son et al. then in the course of an afternon I never slept in that room again....with the dogs, with the comaraderie between my son and I...tough meat to chew!

    Well, next was the powerchair; between vertigo and no strength in my legs and now shoulder to elbow....I could have screamed...turned out I laid in bed 3 to 4 days unconscious due to anaphalaxsis over the morphine! Those EMS bast!@#@!s did not use a back board, nada, I was thrown all over the room according to all there. Only my dear 11-yr old son tried to tell his OLDER sisters, 35 & 29, about my back and I can't be handled like that.....they would not listen and I could not speak....finally I started screaming the phone no. of my dear friend in Gonzales. My son picked up on the nos. and called her to get to the hospital ASAP!


    So, after the powerchair arrived I asked about the O2 coming from out of town. They don't even service us (as a town) we just happen to be off the I-10 corridor so they figured they could handle it. I was the "it".

    The nurse chose the week my doc was on vacation to have X pick up their equipment without making any arrangements for O2 provision! If the local manager was not an ass-kicker I guess I would have gone to the hospital....he asked me if I knew my prescription on the Cpap, which I did, so he went out on a limb and provided atleast the pressurized breathing at night, thinking surely Nurse X would provide info. Nada.

    Yesterday a folding ramp was delivered by Provider Y and he was having a "tiss" with the ins. as the other co. was still billing them! I'm like what the hell! A prescription can be filled by anyone authorized by the State...a 'new' one wasn't in order!

    Well, when it was run through as acute sleep apnea turns out good old ins. doesn't cover it but covers low O2 in the circulating blood. So my doc and the provider went through the door that way. Whether I have hypoxia or not I do not know. I KNOW I developed narcoplexy very quickly after having the "daytime sleepiness syndrome". I passed COLD out swerved at a car approaching on a railroad track! My son gently touched my arm in time to swerve and miss a sure head-on collision. That night he said he woke me repeatedly to breath so next a.m. I was at the doc's and by night in for the sleep study.

    Due to the morphine I have little memory from the time we, my kind friend, drove us to SanMarcos, until I was transferred to ICU on Easter.

    I was finally tested for Sjoren's, which doc's have assumed for years (poss. of a traech being necessary) but I tested normal.

    ANYONE out there who snores....there is a reason. Don't let it progress to sleep apnea. I wasn't even a snorer; if I were not past the age of decline, an upper palate et al. surgery would do wonders! Love CactusLil'
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    I too have sleep apnea, with hypoxia. The sleep apnea can actually caused the hypoxia, due to the sustained stopping of breathing. Also, most people with sleep apnea, tend to breath in a very shallow manner during the times right before the apnea event. Both of these things usually can lower the level of O2 in the blood.

    Hope things square away and mellow out for you!.

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    Yes, I am still getting a screwing. I am calling my ins. provider who authorized the Doc's presc. for said equipment. Right now I am using a dinosaur and an antique humidifier. I've had a major sinus attack (dry sinus') & two major migraines and it is due to this crappy equipment the local provider provided!

    I am sick of the run around. The equip. obtained from out of town was so superior I have no words; other than the local manager lied! Lil'