hysterectomy and fibro

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    hi all----i haven't been here in a long time---don't know if anyone remembers me. my fibro got pretty bad last winter, turns out i was really anemic (female trouble, you know) needed more pain meds, restless legs were worse--alot of leg jerks in the evenings. i went on iron and birth control pills. to make a long story short, i am scheduled for a hysterectomy on sept 1st. i am hoping this will have a positive effect on me and not a negative one. what have been your experiences with this?
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    If you go to the left side of the board and type in hysterectomy, you will be able to read what has been on the board in the past. It has been up several times. Good luck.

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    and I'm hoping it will be positive for me. It sounds like it can cause fibro to show up or flare, but I know others with FMS who have had great relief from the female problems after a hysterectomy. I guess, as with many of these things, that since we are all different it is hard to say. Good luck with yours!
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    Hi Christine and Musica!

    I had an endometrial ablation about a year and a half ago because of heavy bleeding and anemia. My OB/GYN also removed a large fibroid at the same time. For me the ablation worked great. I almost stopped bleeding entirely, although I still have a little hormone madness every month. The procedure basically removes the entire lining of the uterus and you end up with the same result as a hyterectomy (at least for heavy bleeding) after a 20 minute surgery and an hour in the recovery room.

    Just thought I'd pass that on, in case you haven't heard about that alternative. It's relatively new and not being offered everywhere.

    Restless legs respond really well to a drug used for Parkinson's called Mirapex. I had Periodic Limb Movement that made me turn into an involuntary Rockette every night. Talk about a sleep disorder!

    Musica--yes, I have sleep apnea. I just haven't summoned up the ambition to do the sleep study. After the Mirapex stopped the leg thing, I was ok. I just don't think I'd use the CPAP machine. I went to Valley Medical Center for help with the Mirapex. I wanted to see Dr. DePaso, but he'd moved on the Virginia Mason by that time. I saw Dr. Park. Is Dr. DePaso as cute as he looks in his picture? That might have a healing effect all by itself. (Funny about the squirrel trying to be a chipmunk.) Christine--this part is from DncnFngrs post about the Seattle FFC.

    What a list of complaints and treatments we all have. I'm thinking of changing my name to Lucky!