Hysterectomy and pelvic pain

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    OK, now ALL of you are going to think I'm crazy!

    My Fibro has never been as bad as it is for many of you, so I feel blessed about that, BUT 2 years ago I had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries etc.)and 6-8 months later I began to have an aching feeling in my vagina, causing, of all things, sexual excitement. After a few months of this distracting and disruptive state of affairs, the sentation worsened until one day it manifest as pain as bad as child birth. Now I take pain and relaxation meds more for this condition than my Fibro. No one can say definitively what it is and some M.D.'s think it's partly in my mind.

    Oh Yeah, so what? The pain's still there! I believe that something happened with the surgery which caused a nerve to reconnect wrongly etc. I read about this possibility somewhere on the net. Has ANYONE had a similar experience
    or does anyone know someone with a similar experience? If so, please email me: SSG4444@nc.rr.com.

    Thanks for reading this.I hope no one was offended by this or thought I made it up or something.

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    Hi Darcy,

    I did experience similar pain after hysterectomy, unfortunately WITHOUT the excitement, lol! Anyway, turned out to be a correctable bladder problem. I hope yours can be resolved as easily.

    Good luck,
    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances
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    I've heard of that before,lots! having a hysto and still having pelvic pain!I researched Hysterectomy alot because I've been told to have one twice to get rid of chronic pelvic pain and endo.The endometrisosi just keeps coming back.After every surgery i'm relieved for 6 months tops!!
    Hardly worth the surgery pain&recovery~ The increased libido.....boy would my man have a ball with that one!(oops!lol) but one of my surgerys left me with totally numb area on my upper thigh/groin~I guess nerves were damaged or severed that supplyed that area~so i'll never have feeling there.Good thing it was'nt another area of concern!! The pelvic pain subject is a tough one for the drs to figure out!!that much I do know.I think they're at a loss,like us~but its a very bothersome thing to have to deal with~Pain meds don't help enough!
    Hope you find some answers,best of luck!