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    Hi! Been lingering for quite a while but now I'd like some suggestions on how to recover better from my hysterectomy. Was diagnosed last fall but have been having problems in that area for about 4 years. Time to come out. Any advise would be great. Thanks
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    The first thing is to REST. Do not do anything you shouldn't. When you don't feel well enough to cook dinner, don't. Drink lots of water, walk a little at first then more as you can tolerate it.
    Sleep as much as you need, and if you work, take as long as you need, do NOT under any circumstances let anyone push you into going back until you are ready. I only took 4 weeks off and I swear this is what triggered my FM.
    Even if you feel pretty good, remember you are still recovering.
    A wonderful site for info on this is one you should be able to find easily on yahoo or google, it's called hyster sisters. They have preop, postop and lots of other info.
    Best of luck.