hystorectomy and Fibro ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lastormer, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. lastormer

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    anyone experience fibro symptoms after surgery?
    I had a hystorectomy about 2 years ago and about a year ago started having the symptoms listed as fibro. I have an appointment with a neuro doc in the next two weeks but in all the worry about what is going on with me, i have been tryig to research what could be causing this. I read a interesting article about fibro after having a hystorectomy. anyone have this or know anything about it?
  2. angelkisses6

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    Hi and yes that is when i first think i stared felling the fibro kick in,i had a hystorectomy about 9 years ago,had very bad periods,but right after having one i started falling apart. Hope this helps take care.
  3. lastormer

    lastormer New Member

    thanks for the response, I really appreciate it
  4. sugarpeach

    sugarpeach New Member

    I had a hysterectomy in 2004 and felt fine at first but 3 months later BAM! I was the sickest i had ever been in my life. I had already had the FM for 9 years but this really made it much worse. I had a total hysterectomy and was pit on 1 mg of estrogen and told if i was having a bad day to take 1/2 more. Needless to say i have never gone back to that Dr. what an idiot. Long story short I went to a slew of Drs. the only one that helped me was a women dr. who practices intergrative medicine.

    I had vitamin IVs for a couple of months and extra B12 and D shots. she put me on lots of vitamins to help with epstrin barr and parvo virus and also some for my adrenals which were fatigued. I think that having my ovaries removed was what messed everything up but who knows. also used bio identical hormones( suzanne summers promotes them) I really believe that they helped immenseley. I just had surgery for brachial plexus/thoracic outlet syndrome and it has been over 3 months and I am in a really awful flare so maybe surgery is what makes you feel worse for awhile If you get any answers/ideas that are helpful please let us know. Peace- susan
  5. lookingoutthewindow

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    I just posted a question before I found yours. I think the chemicals triggered mine, including anesthesia. I think the trauma to your body could cause the onset. I am looking for the answer too.
  6. LOVED

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    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the FM was triggered by the complete hysterectomy I had at age 35(21 years ago). Before I was diagnosed with FM, I told family that I had never felt the same after the operation. Then when I was finally officially diagnosed with FM, I was able to see the corelation between the 2. The operation was a very long one because I had such severe endometrious they had to do a lot of cutting away.

    Afterwards, I was placed on a variety of HRT but nothing ever seemed to work.

    I may have had a tendency toward the FM before the operation but it went full blown after.

  7. babygirl44

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    Ladies this is when I started all my sever pain and I got worse and worse and now it is 24/7 and has been for 3 years, It started in my legs they would hurt so bad! and I would run fever, when I would go to doc they would say I had sever case of the flu. If that was the case I had the flu more than anyone I ever new. Back in 97 I had a complete hys and about a year later I started having sickness and pain threw out my body.
    I start putting the two together. but I told my doc before I believed the fibro story. That I recall it getting worse after my (hys) she thought it might be scare tissue but no. Do you think it is the case of it getting worse.
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  8. LOVED

    LOVED New Member

  9. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    I had fibro before my hysterectomy (they left ovaries) but after the surgery I was BAM flat on my you know what for months and months and the fibro got worse. Have never been the same. THough I was pretty bad before it too. But I was working. I cannot even get up before 830 900am and that is a battle!

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