I a so Unpet FIighting w/ hubby

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I am fighting with him so much that I would rather go to a Mental Healh Place or a Hospital!!! I worry about my son seeing us like this . My hubby and I have been together for 22 years I would hate for somthing this stupid to ruin our rlationship. I love him and my son. PLease pray fpor us.

    P.S. He also said I neeed to get off of my meds! and he doesn't want me to go places with him because he thinks I will be arrested because I am under the influence of legal drug,

    Gentle hugs Crispangel
  2. erinwilburn

    erinwilburn New Member

    This dd is so hard on all our relationships but it seems to be worse on those who we love the most. I have been on both sides of this dd as a daughter of an over medicated mom and as the wife who is still in so much pain every second. Please know that we are all going through similar things and are all willing to listen. You and your family are in my prayers.
  3. divaqueen48

    divaqueen48 New Member

    I understand completely. My husband says the same thing about the drugs. I was a nurse before I stopped working 5 years ago. I understand how to take medication and always look up medications to see if they will be alright to take with other meds. So I feel he doesn't think I am knowledgeable enough or he just says this to make himself feel better.

    I think if that is the reason, he can pretend what I have is not that serious. I also have RA, osteoarthritis, sjogrens, Htn, migraines. I know I could probably stop taking a couple meds but I know what I feel like and I am taking these meds so I can still function in some copacity.

    It is very frustrating when the one closest to you does this type talk. My child is 18 and we have been married 23 years. She never used to hear us argue as much as she did these last 5 years. I am easily upset now, more than I used to be.

    I am trying to stop so much of the disagreements we have by not responding to everything. Sometimes I think I am much better at it. Then something happens and I end up getting mad all over again.LOL

    I will keep you in my prayers. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.

  4. colorfulcolorado

    colorfulcolorado New Member

    That's all we do and when he tries(which is rare)to make up sometimes I want to throw up! It's getting to the point that I really don't want to be here anymore. He's home all day which drives me straight up the wall. He used to work and I would have one day to myself. I need my space!!!!!! But all in all I love the old man! I've got to find a hobby(which should be cleaning my house LOL) and do something creative or something. Good luck to you! PS Ask him if he would rather see you suffering or able to function. If ever my husband said that to me, well I really don't know what I'd do... Gentle Hugs!
  5. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    It is hard enough dealing with this dd and we need all of the support we can get. But to play devils advocate, he might be having a hard time seeing you in so much pain. Also Fibro hasn't been believed by most of the medical community for alot of years. Thankfully it is starting to get the attention it deserves. Would your hubby go to your doctor with you, so he can ask the doctor questions too. Maybe by hearing that it is important for you to maintain the meds to have some quality of life would make it easier. Also, is it a cost issue for the scrips? Godd luck and you will be in my prayers.

    Peace and hugs,
  6. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Tell your hubby that if a doctor prescribes your drug then it is legal for you to take and therefore you cannot be arrested for it. If you are out and plan on carrying your meds with you then you should be carrying them in their prescription bottles...

    How would the police know that you had taken any drugs anyways? What would you guys be doing that would give the police a reason to search you or arrest you?

  7. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I think most of the problem is that he can understand how much pain I am in. Even though on the neuropathy if for some reason I forget my meds even in my sleep my legs jerk.
    I have noticed how much I messed up in my first post I meant Illegal drug and of course pray for us and I spelled relationship wrong. Then I was sleeping later this morning than he thought I should. So he picked up the end of the mattrress and let it fall back down which of course woke me up and didn't feel good.


    P.S. Thanks again!
  8. justmestephd

    justmestephd New Member

    With husband problems with this disease. Its so hard on me and sometimes he just doesn't understand. He is always complaining about money but yet carries money in his pocket and throws it in my face. Tonight was a bad night with us also.Not a day goes by that I wished I could work. I pray everyday that something changes soon! I feel exactly what you mean!

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