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    I love all my nonchristian friends....and I would never go into their church and put down their faith beliefs..in their church! I may disagree with them (and I do disagree with the ones who believe in nothing but self) but I would never be that rude. For all those with other religious beliefs, I have never put you down, and find many of your beliefs are based on goodness and love.

    This is my only church also. My health does not allow me to go into a crowded building without having severe panic attacks. I rarely set foot in a store even. I have no other social outlet other than my immediate family other than the ProHealth site boards.

    I would love nothing more than to have the fellowship of believers to share with, study with, and love the Lord my God with....and I thought I found that place here! At first all was well....I became secure enough to post and feel cared for. I learned...I found friends...and shared my love of our Creator.

    But this site has been very intolerant to christians, it seems, and our love of God is somehow being punished. It was interable for awhile, and we began having people (Christians only) getting banned. Is this a one-sided board? Because it certainly had more than one side in the disagreement.

    I will miss being here also, but there is God everywhere, and this world would not exist without Him...nor will the everafter. We want to stay...it's up to you now.***Jole***
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  2. Gingareeree

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    Amen! Well said. I posted a similar question myself last week,my post was promptly removed... Have a Blessed Easter!~~~Jeanne~~~
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    Are any other posts being removed other than those of christians? I would really like to know the answer. Jole
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    Don't know if non-Christian posts are being removed,however,I responded earlier to another post on this board,came home a few hours later to see that it too had been removed! I guess the only ones' required to show tolerance towards other opinions ARE the Christians,seems I can't say anything in defense or rather against the posts I find offensive without them being deleted!~~Jeanne
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    did you see my response to your post? now both your post and my response to it are gone. i dont know why- they both seemed civil to me. i guess the moderators found something inapropriate about them. soooo... anyways, to answer your question- no, it is not only christian posts being removed. moderators will remove any posts that are inapropriate- it does not matter what religion the writer of the post is.

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    I posted another reply to your post. No,I'm not shunning anyone. I guess I'm feeling not a little frustrated by all the turmoil on this board. Again,I really do feel that 99% of the posters are really trying to be considerate,it's just that occasionally, a dirisive post will appear,usually directed towards Christianity,gets my hackles up and most likely others' as well. Despite repeted requests to stop the negative posts still persist. I just think it's too bad that some are being driven away because of all the burhaha~~~~ Jeanne
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    Two more of our Christian friends are gone now. It looks like Sassy and Crystal's posts have been removed? Can we no longer stand up and say we're Christians and profess our love of God? ***Jole***
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    I have a feeling Sassy was kicked off ,Chrystal decided to leave of her own accord. It saddens me that on today of all days, on a board that started out as a place of respite and lifting up the Lord,especially as you mentioned ,for those who viewed this site as their opportunity to come together with those of like minds, has now turned into a battlefield. (Sorry about the run on sentence!) As much a we all would like to be tolerant,two seperate boards sounds like a reasonable option. ~~Jeanne
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    No, I think Crystal's threads were deleted, not by her...

    I agree with you....today of all days! They were strong in their love of God, and provided us all with strength in our christian beliefs and values.

    And you know, the sad thing is, all they were ever after was a board for Christians to go without being interrupted by others. Really not that much to ask for...a place to love and respect our Lord without other rejection.

    Hope you have a Blessed Easter***Jole***

    You know, I wasn't going to bring this up, but after reading the first paragraph or so, was it not apparent that this was a christian thread?
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    O. K. ummmm

    you said-- "And you know, the sad thing is, all they were ever after was a board for Christians to go without being interrupted by others. Really not that much to ask for...a place to love and respect our Lord without other rejection."

    well- duh. then they should have gone to a christian-only board, not a nondenominational worship board. i am getting sick of explaining that this board was for all, not just christians. this is not a difficult concept to understand. at least to me its not. but i guess it is a "confusing' and "strange" concept for some.

    let me try to explain it better-- this board is for A L L people of all beliefs, NOT ONLY JUST FOR CHRISTIANS. WHY DONT YOU SHOW ME WHERE IT SAID THE WORSHIP BOARD IS ONLY FOR CHRISTIANS?! please enlighten me on this.



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    In her last post, the last sentence said "Goodbye" so Sassy was leaving of her own accord and that is her personal choice and you can't stop her if she wants to leave. For anyone that wants a strictly Christian board and says they are unable to search for a strictly Christian board, here is information you may want to check out below:

    Have you heard of the Worldwide Christians Online ("WWCO") that is used by people all over the world. It is a "safe" site. Take a look and scroll down to see all that is offered. They offer discussion, prayer, Bible studies--even online church and more. Hugs.


  12. springwater

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    /Crystal had left too. Tiggy jumped into too many posts not dealing with Christianity entreating everyone to be saved and warning of dark demonic forces in everything not Christian inspite of repeated requests to refrain. I do think if she had heeded all the deleted posts and not been encouraged in persisting the same kind of behavior by being told how brave she was, & if she had kept to the Christian boards she would stil be here sharing.

    Sassy i dont know because i had decided early on I as a Buddhist or person found no common point between us and her posts did not give me any food for thought so i didnt read them...so no idea what specific thing happened to make her leave.

    My own posts have been deleted. I wrote one when i was really depressed and saying I didnt see anything worth living for and wishing my own siblings who were troubling me, didnt exist and it got deleted promptly.

    Then i wrote recently on another post on Deepak Chopra saying i didnt see any dark forces around him or other person...and that got deleted. Then the whole thread by jamin about newsweek disappeared so its not just Christians.

    Maybe one of the moderators will post clarifying their position on why posts get deleted or not and why members get banned.Certainly i do not wish to see any member leaving. Im very grateful i have this board i can come to and get so much info about my condition and make so many new friends.

    God Bless

    PS Jole - i value you and other members as being good and true Christians and would be horrified if you left because of us. Please dont take all this to heart and i am praying all the issues bothering you and others about the way the boards function will get resolved to everyones satisfaction.

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  13. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Springwater,

    I got a nap tonight so am browsing a bit later than usual tonight. Sounds like a fair amount of trauma has been going on here. Your post here feels like a calming balm that may help soothe some of the frayed nerves.

    I agree with you about Tiggy. It's too bad she was banned. But I was also fairly perplexed how she was being encouraged to persist in the face of the warning signs that some of her posts were not being well received by the moderators. Too bad for her and her friends here on this board.

    BTW, I don't recall anything in your post about not seeing dark forces that was even remotely out of order. Kind of feels like one of those things where you just shrug, and try to let it go. Not always easy, but for me, the older I get, the easier it seems to get. :)

    Warmly, Wayne
  14. jole

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    I see that you deleted the worst part of your post, telling me to "get a grip, woman!" Just another example of the "tolerance" you preach. I guess I have a long way to go to be a true Christian, because I'm not to the point of turning the other cheek yet 100% of the time, but I'm working on it.

    You continually ask where does it say the board is FOR christians only, and we keep telling you it DOESN'T. What we have all said is when it first started there were only Christians USING it! There is a difference there, if you will just be open-minded enough to see it. Then came people of other faiths, and all was well. We became friends and I feel we learned from each other....and I see a lot of goodness and caring in their beliefs.

    But it seems when the nonbelievers came, the turmoil started. People putting down our God, interrupting our prayer posts, etc. No we do not "own" the board, but we did ask for the worship board and spirituality board to be separated for just this exact purpose.

    There is a big difference between worshiping God or a higher being than there is in worshiping "self". Why would a nonbeliever want to pray to themselves? So what would be the point of them being on a worship board. If they/you want to be on the spirituality board, fine. But no.....that's not what you wanted. What was the reason behind athiests wanting so desperatly to keep the boards as one? Just to put down Jesus at every turn, that's all. Which is why we fought to get two seperate boards...not to cause trouble, but to stop it! I think many of you knew that but decided to make a big issue out of it just to stir things up and cause trouble.

    Maybe God and His love will shine down and work on both of us. In Christ***Jole***
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  15. TwoCatDoctors

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    It is time to stop all this fighting and get on with the true purpose of the board. This can't drag on day after day and I'm personally going to copy posts include them as I report them to the moderator so that this fighting stops and peace returns to the board. So deleting posts and editing them won't work. Let's end this now, and go on with the board. Please, restore the board or perhaps take a break from the board for a few days.

    I put an article I found last night about the Menorah and what happened to a family and a town. It's interesting and wonderful how a town came together.
  16. bigmama2

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    look at my posts from the very beginning. i stated several times that i thought that the worship and spirituality boards would be much better off as two seperate boards!!!!

    and i dont interupt christian prayer posts. that would be rude. in general i start my own posts, or reply to posts that seem open to all.

    i think i have figured out what the real problem here is--- when an atheist states their beliefs, the believers see it as a personal attack. maybe that is what is going on here???? and causing all this strife.

    anyways- Jole- i know you are feeling very sad because some of your friends here are gone. i am sorry you are hurting so much now. i hope you feel better soon.

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    It was mature of you to accept someones elses viewpoint and delete that Newsweek thread. I do believe that is the way forward. Adapting, adjusting. I thought i would be vexed if the content of it referred to Buddhism especially coming when it did.

    I think maybe it is a hard topic to grasp..the notion of spirituality..without any 'being' to worship; especially to some who have only really known one way. Having experienced so many religions/cultures in my own bringing up, it doesnt pose a problem to me. It is to me, only yet another way of life and belief.

    I hope you enjoy your bridge session with your friends.

    To all

    I have no idea why a sanctuary thread would be deleted since obviously it was meant only for Chrsitians to worship..maybe there had been some criticism of the board there? And that made the moderators delete it?

    To keep the board a peaceful place, I suppose the trick is to master the art of not stepping on anothers toes. This will take time. Countries, world leaders have not yet mastered it and who are we? I guess we just stumble along learning as we go along.

    God Bless
  18. fibromickster

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    Just wanted to let you know I am behind you 100%.

    Love you and take care!!!!! God is Great!!!!!!