I almost lost my golf cart last night new youtube video of it

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Sep 5, 2008.

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    I don't have a lot of time right now but I was riding the cart on a logging road across the street from my house and couldn't get it back up the hill.

    I got out to push it. I can use a stick to press the pedal and without my weight on it, it should have got all the way up.

    Well I was up against a hill, Missy was behind me a bush was in my way. The stick slipped and I am usually able to jump on it and hit the breaks., have done this many times when the batteries get low it won't quite pull up the hills.

    This time I couldn't jump in, it just rolled backwards too fast plus there is a drop off beside the road. So I stood there and watched it roll backwards for about 20 feet and then the back end went off the road and thank god there was a downed tree and that kept it from going down the drop off.

    THe dogs were there but loose and got out of the way. My one person that could help me was in FL so I walked home and got my ropes and my Jeep and pulled it out.

    The cart seems fine I did drive it up and down the road a few times. It is insured so if it would have went over the hill I would have bought another one. BUt it did scare the cwap out me.

    So this is a short video of what I did. I do get my self into some messes sometimes but at least I am never bored-LOL

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    attitude, Carla.

    I always follow the old verse I learned as a child.

    When there's trouble,
    When there's doubt;
    Wave your arms and
    Scream and Shout!

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    Yes i'm glad you and the girls are ok too!,,,and thank goodness for the downed log to help stop it from going ove rthe hill!,,,,

    Youv'e been having alot of adventures latley!,,,,I love reading about them because you describe everything so well,,,it's almost like we are right there with you!,,,,,,,,,,,Your one Tough Gal!,,,,,,Sis,,,Take Care!
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    I actually found your video on the first try. Om my !! Glad that you and the girls were not hurt as well as the golf cart. However, the golf cart could be fixed (for a price that is) if you cannot find a way of doing it yourself.

    Please be careful. Another disaster kept from happening - WHEW !! That was a close one.


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    The cart is fine, it is better than a Timex,lol. So all is good but don't think I will try it again, but it is so much easier to sit on the cart and watch the sunset.

    Thanks for watching and sharing my life-Carla
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    I did the same thing once, only it was my old Ford F-150. This was back before everyone had a phone in their pocket, so I couldn't call anybody. I'd bought the truck from my pa, when he got poorly and couldn't drive no more. There was a coil of heavy duty rope in the bed. And I knew there was a canvas carrybag of tools behind the seat, so I looked to see if'n there was maybe a pulley or two. Nope, nary a thing useful. I just had to wait till someone come by.

    I waited about an hour, when this old feller came by in an honest to Pete Willy Jeep. We tried pulling my truck up the hill with the jeep. Didn't work, the truck was just to heavy.

    The old feller fished around in a sack in the back of the Willy, and came up with a 4 ton Come-Along. Saved the day.

    I recommend gettin one. I sure did. Just bout one online for the boy to keep in his car.

    Got it here: http://cvfsupplyco-store.stores.yahoo.net/hanpowpulcom.html

    Take care