I almost pity my poor SSD caseworker from TX Rehab ...

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    NOT!!! Although I do have to say I am a little embarrassed by the way I handled the call.

    This is the second time I have had to call him for another extension on getting the current batch of (pretty much redundant) forms back to him. I finally completed the work history form (only took me 13 days to do that), but am really finding it tough to complete the Pain Report papers. Mainly because of how stupid they are for FM and MPS! They just are not set up in a relavent way for these particular DDs.

    This time, I started out introducing myself and greeting him pretty calmly. Then I began to explain why I needed another extension when all these feelings of anxiety and stress suddenly hit me, and became overwhelming. Anyway, I broke down crying (more like loud sobbing) after going on and on about how I had finally completed one of the forms and how long it took me to do that but how stressed I was now from trying to complete the rest of the paperwork to meet their impossible deadline and couldn't they understand how sick people needed more time to fill out these papers and how that added stress has caused me to flare almost daily in head to toe muscle pain which of course makes me unable to get any kind of resrful sleep and I didn't mean to break down on him like this, I know they have these crazy, unreasonable deadlines to force on applicants, but I really need another 10 days and I hope to be done by then. (!!!)

    Whew! Anyway, after all that, the guy spoke very softly and gently and said not to worry and tried to calm me down by telling me that he was giving me another 10 days to get everything to him. At that point, I was still sounding pretty hysterical and asked him to please specify whether it was calendar days or business days so that I did not miss it. He told me it had to be calendar days but that if I needed a few more days after that to call him back and it would be no problem. So, now I have until the 24th as a new extension, which will allow me to get updates on my chiro's and massage therapist's records plus a 4th affidavit (to add to the first 3 they already have), this one being from my massage therapist, to return with their forms.

    I am exhausted and am now going in for a long nap.