I already read posts won't waste my money activive

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cupimick, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. cupimick

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    Hi ,

    I asked if anybody heard about activive and that was bf I checked to see any posts . I read many of them and it sounds like a ripoff . We are so desperate to feel better and then prey on us.

    I am going to a Fibro specialist. I hope he is able to help as nothing else has. I hope finally to have something good to share with all of you instead of bad news. PLease keep us in your prayers as we have had a rough time , we are trying to work hard on our marriage had separated. Then we've lost Cupid( his valentine's gift to me). Then family members died .

    I know you all have and are experiencing, hardship, pain, suffering, depression, and adversity , I have prayed so hard and yet things seem to have gotten worse. I truly don't understand why we've all been stricken with such an awful illness and hardships.

    Please keep us in your thoughts and, hope I have some good news to share soon, that hubby passes all the tests and gets this job.
    Fondly, and thanks to all you that posted on activive!!!

  2. maedaze

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    Just read your other post too... Yeah i was ones that bought activive.... Yes the testamonials are impressive aren't they? I'm not saying they won't work for anyone, someone somewhere must be getting fantastic results from it.....

    Hermitlady will have been on them for a few months now, I don't know how she is going.. But as you read on the other post none of us were jumping up and down after the first 24 hrs.!! I have got 5 months worth still!! Am going to take one a day and see if my body can handle that.. they were making my lips go numb, other than that they weren't doing anything for me.

    Hopefully you'll get something new to try from the specialist, thats what it seems to boil down to... trying stuff all the time... looking for that one thing or combination of things to get our lives back...

    Good luck for your husbands job too, hope he gets it.... and can you move??? It sounds like you are living next to a very strange and stressed out woman!!!???

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