i am a joseph brewer patient for the

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  1. wangotango

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    past 5 years ? any questions please post and i will due the best i can to answer them. be well all bill m kcmo
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    ... program that Prickles is so happy with? Oops, no. She's talking about another "B" name. Sorry.

    Tell us more about what you're talking about.


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    I'm on a waiting list to see Brewer, and I just wondered what his protocol is these days?

    What drugs does he prescribe? did he put u on valtrex and heparin or does he prefer the Transfer Factors to the Valtrex.

    You say you've been seeing him 5 years. Have u seen any improvement in that time?

    Also, can u say what he charges?

  4. wangotango

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    i am not shure what he charges my ins has always took care of it so i just never looked ? i know there is one blood test you can have that tells if the HH-6B virus is active, (i think that is what it does) but there is only one lab that does it and it is like %500.00 or so. i did not have it done because my ins will not cover it.
    be well del ***************
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    Is another doc I hold in high esteem. I don't see him but my doc and I used his protocol with good success.

    Love, Mikie
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    Last time I saw Brewer which was about a year ago, he was testing all his CFS patients for Lyme through Igenex. Most wre coming up IGM positive and he was starting treatment. I think last I heard he was doing penicillin w/diflucan and green tea..I guess the green tea makes the diflucan work a lot better. I have not been back since, but may go see him to see what all is new.

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