I am a newbie on this worshipsite...and badly need your prayer

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  1. This is my first time posting here. I usually post on the Alz.Support.com site. The problem is Mom. She has Alz. and is in a nursing home. Mom has been refusing to eat as of almost 2 to 3 weeks. Only eats 1/4 of her breakfast,lunch, and dinner. I don't know why this is happening, and today spoke with her psych.dr. and he advised me that she was being given a new drug called Remeron for depression that actually stimulates her appetite. I didn't ask the Dr. when she was started on this new med,but to tell you the truth it isn't helping her in terms of her depression and appettite. She lays in bed all day, and doesn't socialize with anyone. Before Mom came down with this disease she wasn't exactly Ms.Sociability. She had some friends in her old neighborhood,but like I said she wasn't the friendlyiest person in the world. Now would the dementia it
    s like the whole world is out to get her. Please I need everyones prayers out there. I want Mom to come out of her shell and eat. I pray everynight for her before I go to bed. I don't want to lose her due to malnourishment and lack of will....Can someone out there put her in their prayers....Thank you for letting me whine and vent. Desperate In New York.Helena
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    That sounds like a very frustrating and desperate situation, indeed. I'm glad you decided to post on the worship board.

    I will keep your mother and you in my prayers tonight.

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    You can count on my prayers, you are dealing with a most difficult problem. I have no medical advice, but pray that the Lord holds you in the palm of his hand, and your mother.
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    I was put on Remeron for one day for FMS. It made me feel too weak, so I didn't continue it. Good thing because I have already gained enough as it is.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom and her problems of not eating.

    My mother died of congestive heart failure in a nursing home in 1994, and had severe dementia and was blind, etc. She was 87 years old and got to the point she didn't even know me or my family. It is really sad when they get to that point. In my mother's case it was a blessing she passed away then.

    Prayers for your mother to get off that med and to eat and feel better. I know how hard it is to let go and watch them go downhill.

    Hugs and prayers,
  5. I really appreciate ilovecats and kholmes for answering my post and keeping me in your prayers for Mom who has dementia and is not eating. God Bless for your kind words and your prayers. Helena
  6. Sorry for leaving you out in my thanks for your prayers. I feel sad re: Mom and her dementia and want to thank you all for you prayers for my Mom. May the Lord guide and bless you all for your advice and kindness.Helena
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    and for peace of mind for you,Linda
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    I will help you pray for your mom to begin eating again....and help you and your family also. I know that it concerns you. My MIL is in a nursing home with Alzheimers. It is so hard on the loved ones.

    P.S. Welcome to this board!

    God bless.....Mari
  9. I want to thank everyone who responds to my need for prayers to my Mom. You cannot begin to imagine how great and blessed I feel knowing you are all praying for my beloved Mother to eat. It makes all difference knowing that their are so many wonderful,kind, people on this website praying for Mom to eat. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all. May God truly bless and enrich everyone lives on this website for your prayers. It means so much to me to know that others care enough to hold my Mother in prayers.God Bless you all and again Thanks be to God. Helena
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    I am having major problems eating myself, due to the problems in my life right now. I actually force myself to eat. I almost live off of yogurt, Ensure, bread/butter and water.

    I lost over 30lbs in three months time. I am down to 95lbs right now, I am not sick, do not take meds, its the depression causing this.

    I will be praying for your dear Mom, I know my daughter and son is very concerned about me, so I know how you are feeling too.

    God's blessings going out to your Mom and you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    welcome to the worship board!!

    I am sorry about your mom, that must be very hard for you

    I will pray for you and your mom

    God Bless