I am absolutely furious!

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    I've got what I would presume to be Neurological symptoms. And for three days now, i've had nausia, diarhea, headaches that don't leave from taking a pill, a stiff neck, tightness in chest, labored breathing... My daughter insisted on going with me to the night time walk-in clinic in Riverside Kaiser after me telling her how bored she would be and that she'd be happier if she stayed home, she cried and cried because she "just wanted to be with me" isn't that sweeeeet? Finally I relented and told her that it was just a waiting room etca... We waited approx. 2.5 hours to get in even with my labored breathing. I told the doc. I had some Neurological problems for four years, but I really didn't think that corrilated with what i've got. She did everything but roll her eyes at me. She had such a look of disgust on her face! Then she gets a total attitude across her face because all her pieces couldn't fit in together with what I had. She said i'll be right back, and whose your doctor? I told her and she left and said i've got to look something up and numb a foot and i'll be right back. So just her leaving like that I knew... She couldn't fit in her pieces to the puzzles of my stomach virus and she went to look up my reg. doc. (oh and i'm on zoloft too) I wait 10-15 more min. and she walks in and says I know your problem... Your stressed and the stress is causing diahrea! I said we're not here for my neurological appt. but my flu like symptoms... I said my Neuro. appt. is tomorrow. She beamed her eyes at me and tightened her upper lip and turned to my daughter and made a face like she felt sorry for her and said, "How is everything at home?" My daughter was exhausted it was 10pm and didn't respond so i said she sees her mother in bed alot, i've got nothing to be stressed about and everything is just fine at home. So then she said your symptoms don't patch up to what i'd call the flu! I said, okay, what about my labored breathing? What about my heart palpitations, tightness in chest... What if i've got an inner ear infection don't I need to be referred to one so they can answer that question? (she never answered my question)Then she said you may have a stomach virus, then mentioned the chest x-ray, something i breathe into, and blood workup! I left there feeling like she thought I was some sort of a phycho or something. I am furious for her being able to belittle me like that in front of my daughter... To top it off, she says Oh i'll be in Neuro tomorrow and bring your test results to you there! It is like i'm feeling pre-judged... Maybe she can read other docs charts on me and they mentioned stress etc??? But those looks, welllllll, it didn't make me feel anybetter....
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    It's a dirty rotten shame that I have to read so many vents like this....meaning it's a shame that you, me, and all the rest of us have so many bad experiences like this. I wish there was a way of compiling them and getting them into doctors' hands. I wish they could see how so many times they hurt and belittle real human beings!! I especially didn't like the part about your daughter having to hear and see this. Report the doctor to someone above her...Might do some good. She might get a reprimand that would wake her up to her stinking attitude toward E.R. visits

    Thinking of you and all the bad experiences others have had.

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    Horsegal is right. You need to tactfully file a complaint. Be sure to follow the chain of command. That way you can say you handled the incident correctly. The time I ended up in the ER I was more fortunate. The doctor understood FMS, and the nurse knew me fairly well. However, had I had your type of experience, I would have complained. There is absolutely NO reason a patient should be treated that way. They are rendering services to you! You received poor service! I'm angry right along with you. As a nurse I never ever judged anyone, and I can say that since I've been sick, I have not met one medical professional who has met my standards. She's the psycho not you.
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    Hi fellow Southern Californian...I used to live near Riverside but moved back to be closer to beach...couldn't take the smog of the Inland Empire!

    Sorry for your horrible experience - hate to say this but Kaiser has a bad reputation for bad docs but then you probably knew that! Definitely agree with others that you should file a complaint. There can be bad docs anywhere - I've had my fill of them and their "looks" - what is wrong with them? It seems like if they don't know the answers they take it out on the patient! Of course you are stressed - not from your personal home life but from the non-stop pain and miserable symptoms plus not getting any help for it!!!

    I also get short of breath episodes with chest pain but have had many heart tests done that were negative. My Rheumy says that if you are able to take a deep breath then you are not having a heart attack but most likely you are being deprived of oxygen due to the slow circulation problems of FM/CFS. Have you tried doing deep breathing exercises? It helps me both with anxiety and shortness of breath.

    Hope that helps & hope your neuro appointment goes better than your ER visit.

    God Bless you
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    Kaiser is just one step above a public health clinic. They have made some improvements in recent years after some very nasty PR problems, but they remain at the bottom of the barrel for people who are sick.

    Kaiser was the first HMO and it is what is called a staff model. Kaiser owns their own hospitals and clinics and all the docs, nurses, etc. are employees. There is great pressure on them to save money and cut costs, much more so than the other models of HMO's.

    Is Kaiser the only choise of insurer available to you? Kaiser is fine for really healthy people who only need preventive care, but it is the worst for those of us who are sick.

    Love, Mikie
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    what if that crazy doctor decides to call CPS on me because she knows I take zoloft, maybe even that she read in my chart that I self diagnosed myself of having pre menopause from my regular doctor and she thinks i'm a hysterical nut? Or just someone who is stressed? Why did she say that to my daughter, I sort of felt threatened because she had absolutely no basis for saying that, and if she could do that to my daughter what else could she do you know... I don't trust doctors... She also used the word crap twice in front of my seven year old. When I saw her the next day in Neuro, she seemed furious with me, she was starring daggers at me, it was terrible. Maybe she was upset that my husband was there and telling her that he didn't believe I was stressed out at all and that everything is just fine at home? She walked away sooooooo pissed off for some reason... I reported her in full detail, I mentioned how she used the word crap in front of a seven year old etc... I know that word isn't necessarily a cuss word, but it isn't the sort of word I use around my kids and doctors are supposed to be role models for kids. Not be so rude and give me the stink eye.... I hope she gets in sooooo much trouble... I'm still troubled and feel uneasy by those looks she was giving me at the Neuro. too... My husband said, what is wrong with her? tx for all responding.
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    I am soooo sorry to hear how you were treated. I agree alot of doc's make you feel as if it's all in your head. When i read what you wrote, anger came back to me. I saw different doc's for over two years with same problems and saying I just don't feel right. couldn't find words to explain all of it. I was allways sent home stating it was stress and to take anti-depressents. I actually started to believe it at times, it was in my head then when symptons would come I would say to myself they are REAL. I felt my mind bouncing back and forth not know how to get help and who will listen to me. So I went a long time just keeping it in. Recently I have been at the ER while visiting in the States and when my came home, shallow breathing, chest pain, dirr. etc. They couldn't find anything expect to take something to calm my stomach acids down. Wake a joke.
    PLEASE PLEASE KEEP seeing doc's until someone will listen to you and follow through with some testing or something. My heart beating fast can be scary, but I just deep breath. From me NOT continuing to see doc I had an attack I guess you could call it a few days ago, finally went to the doc and he said possible stroke and increased pain meds for FMS. Nothing was done or really much said to me. Angry once again.

    We just have to be pushy and make them listen to us. I wish you all the best hazygal. You can email me if you want

    soft hugs
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    I changed Ins., from a PPO, to an HMO, and you would think it wouldn't make a difference. But it does. tkes forever to get an ok for a Test, or a referrel to a Doctor that you have been seeing for 5 years, longer than these New PC.'s

    I saw my Dr. today, the Good Guy, and when I told him about the run around I have been gettin for 2 month's, he actually Swore, I was shocked. He said, "Make Them Do Their Job". He will back me up, he's "Firing off a Letter" to the PC's, telling them, that I am not needing an operation, but that I do have serve Otho problems, that I need Matiance Med's for. He was Forious, it's like they don't Believe me, or they are just Passing the Buck, because they are afarid to write the med's that I am on.

    Like I told Doc. They Can't fix me, and untill they can, they Need to treat me , not like I'm some Drug Seeker.
    Just my History along warrnt's the med's., and I'm truly being uner Medicated.

    Shoot, my ear just Plugged up again, I see the ENT Doc tomorrow. Hope he has some answer's about the Mastoid Disease. This Dr. said it could be anything from an Infection of fluid in the Mastoid, or a Tumor, so no Point in guessing. I hope the CT Showed somthing.

    I hate getting New Doctor's.

    Oh yeah this Dr. was all for my giving the New Dr.'s a Diagram of the body, of all the conditions I have, date when they occured, what treatment and Med.
    Plus a letter from the Partners Aganist Pain.

    I told the Dr. that I was so mad and Hurt at the way the Nurse at the PC talked to me, like I was just seeking Drug's. They offered me Ultrum, give me a break, I have Tried that already, it's in my Medical History, don't they Read the Files anymore?????/

    Hope you get some action, don't let the Dr. get away with the Treatment she gave you, she is So Wrong.

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  10. hazygal

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    BUMP! I don't feel so alone, i've been a nervous wreck since I saw doc. last... Can't get her beady little eyes and greedy looking face out of my face.. PPT... Post Physician Trauma
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    And have had no problems with them. Mine is BC/BS of Florida. It is a fee-for-service model and that makes all the difference in how the patients are treated. Capitated plans aren't much better than Kaiser except that you do have a choice of PCP's who are not employees.

    PPO's offer the greatest freedom next to the old indemnity plans, but the costs can be steep and they are not as into preventive care. Going outside the PPO network can cost up to 60 percent co-insurance and that's usually after a deductible. Most do not charge a deductible for emergency care.

    My HMO is expensive and I have to pay the whole thing. It will become unaffordable in a year or so. I have to find a job with benes.

    Love, Mikie
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    It was interesting reading of your troubles...I'm sorry you had to go thorugh all of this, especially when you were feeling so poorly...I had a wise doctor tell me to let patients know that if they feel they are getting the run around, they need to tell the doctor - looking them right in the eye - that they are required to do "WHATEVER IT TAKES" to take care of the patient...many hospitals. dr offices have a patient bill of rights, or something like that - I know for a fact that Kaiser has one, as I had to take my mom there, and we copied it down - if you show them, tell them - whatever - what you expect of them, and what they need to do - let them make the choice to be a jerk, or perform their duties as expected...why is it we have to take this from doctors? No other profession has that right...I think we need to stand up and be heard...just because a limb is not dangling, or worse - we are sick, and we are human, and we deserve to be treated in a professional and caring matter!
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    can anyone relate?
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    Usually I have pretty good doctor experiences in that if I think they are jerks, I try someone else in the plan. I still haven't found anyone I think has any great insight, but at least I have someone who treats me like a person (even if he is having a pressured day).

    But today I had to go get my first mammogram. I was really nervous, so nervous I was near to tears. I saw on TV how they squished this woman's breast, oh yuck!

    The radiologist was really short with me, saying sharply, just calm down! At one point she told me to put on the jacket. I said open in front or back? She says sarcastically, "Its a jacket." I said to her, "You know, I'm not stupid, I'm nervous." (W)itch!

    I told her later when she was doing the exam that I understood that some people are calmed down by having someone speak sharply to them (eh hem), but that doesn't work with me. I told her I would calm down if she would just use a softer tone of voice. She did try, but I am not sure she had a constitution that lended itself toward softness (at least not that day).

    Yuck, it hurt but not like the dentist! At least that is over! I am eating a very fattening piece of pecan pie at the moment as my present for having my boobs squished. I deserve it!

    Anyway, just commiserating!

    I was thinking how great it was that your husband was there to stand by you. Good for you!

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    Hello, glad to hear someone is pretty close to me. I live in La Verne; my son just moved out to Rancho Cucamonga. Anyway KAISER SUCKS! All my friends have told me such awful stories of how some of the docs treat their patients. Its hard to find a good doctor who really cares. My mom finally did but took her years. They get you in and out like cattle for one thing. Also, my friend who just had a stroke said that they kept giving him pills to keep him calm and put an alarm on his bed! The pills made him act hysterical! Another friend had to get PISSED OFF! to get the necessary tests down to determine what is wrong with his stomach. All they did was kept giving him tagamet and then they gave him more pills which the following doc he saw said should not be taken together. Can you believe that??
    The bottom line is you got to let them know you are sick, they are nuts and you need help NOW!!!!
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    Hazygal I have had and still get ALL the symptoms you talk about. It's bad enough having to give up the great job I had etc without having patronising doctors implying there is nothing wrong. I have now managed to find some great doctors who know what they are doing and take me seriously but it took loads of research and work - not to mention money. I saw my GP for breathing probs and he said I was just hyperventilating (even though I wan't stressed etc)He told me to breathe into a paper bag when it happened. I then had repiratory tests done with a specialist and my results are below normal so I have to have a cat scan now to see why. The same idiot GP told me I had constipation when I went to him with severe pain - he didn't even examine me. Landed up in emergency and have had to have three operations since then for an internal abcess and fistula. I know there are excellent doctors and rubbish ones - sounds like yours was one of the latter so don't let her get to you. As Eleanor Roosevelt said "No-one has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent". Hope you feel better soon