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    Dear Ladies,
    I am now on Three lac and Oregano oil capsules for the candida. I have to go to my Dr. on Friday to get checked again. Then I will know for sure if it is helping me. I have been on it for a month or so. I do have a bad sugar craving though! Anybody help me with that?????????
    I did start doing an aerobics video everyday! You cant believe how much better it makes you feel ! I do it for 40 minutes. and I have started my 7th week today! So that is something positive!
    I am 55 years old and it scared me how stiff and lazy you can get!I have 12 grandchildren and I do want to be able to keep up with them! How they all love to come to Grandmas and Grandpas house!
    Let me know how you all are doing!
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    yes i started using stevia an it helps and something weird
    i feel better when i do hope this helps you:)ceres
  3. ceres

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    i almost forgot you can get it at the health food store or
    go on line to google and put it in there are sites that sell it cheaper,and we all know we can sure use the extra cash!!!see you soon:)ceres