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  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi All,
    Sure am glad to be back.Its been a looong 4 months.
    Tell me how you are all doing!!
    Love to hear from you!!!

    Have great news,I got my Canada Pension Disability started.

    Just received my first pay .I really thought I would have to fight for it.But I didnt.Things were sure tight but
    it is better now.Still have to watch out, but who doesnt.

    Have a new grandbaby,boy, he was a premmie.7lbs,2ozs.He is doing fine.My daughter is still adjusting,having a 6 yr.old and now a baby is a learning experience.

    She had a C-section and a tubal,so she was quite sore.I was there for 2wks.Got home Saturday,but ended back Monday morning.

    They had to take my daughter(one with new baby)to the hospital,by ambulance,then she passed out again on the way there.She was having pains in her chest and she passed out.Kept her till early morning.But she told them she had to go home to be with her kids.

    They let her go,but Monday she went back to have more tests.I was worried about blockages to her heart.My mom died from that and 2 of my brothers.And 1 brother had triple bypass.But they told her it was'nt her heart all though that it was they thought she was having when they brought her in,a heart attack.

    But come to find out it was her gallbladder.So now she has to go have that removed!!! The poor dear has had it rough.I will go back in again to help her when she has the surgery. I just need to recoup before I go back again.

    She worries about me overdoing it,with the CFS and Fibro.But she needs to look out for her now.And I will do what needs to get her thru it.As any mom would!!!

    So good to be Back!!!
    Take Care!!
  2. Pianowoman

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    It's great that you are back. You've been missed. I am so glad for you that the CPP is coming through. I remember what the waiting was like.
    Glad your grandbaby is doing well and I hope your daughter can deal with the gall bladder stuff soon so she can concentrate on being a Mom.
    I 've had a pretty good summer, although it's never without it's problems.I'm waiting on the results of another test for heavy metals. I'm hoping that after all the treatments, the mercury levels will be down.
    Catching up will take time but it's good to have you back.


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  3. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    It is so good to hear from you.I am glad that your summer was,'nt too bad.You are having a test for mercury levels?How do you know when it is getting high? I hope they can help you with it.
    How are your pain levels.Are you able to manage it? Be sure to take care of yourself,in whatever way you need.

    My doctor sent me to an enviormental clinic.There I saw a doctor and he diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Fibro,and Enviromental Sensitivities.I was to go back to have treatments.But going there I have to stay away from scents,have none in my house,etc.

    My daughters house is not scent free.And she needed my help after her C-section and tubal.So I told the clinic that I could not come back.I will deal with my problems in another way,my doctor says she will help me all she can.I just wish I could feel better and have my energy up so I could be more help to my daughter.

    And now that Tam needs a gallbladder op.,I will go help her again.She comes first!! Always.As mothers our kids are first.She is so upset,she was hoping to be back on her feet by now.And then this happens.I pray for it all to settle down and she can get her life back as she wants to.

    Her little guy( he is 6),is having a rough time adjusting.And he will,he as been the main one for 6 yrs now.So this is normal.

    I hope that the tests go well for you and keep in touch to how you are doing.I hope your wk is pain free and happy.

    Take Care!!
    Luv Jordane

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