I am back with the test results on my back

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Well I had a CT and MRI but only have the results from the CT and drum roll pleasssssssssssssee it is a herniation of L2-3. Out of 6 discs in the CT 1 was normal, 1 was blown and the other 4 are all bulging in one degree or another ranging from mild to moderate and some are causing stenosis and nerve roots are being affected at different levels.

    The MRI will tell more if there is a fracture. I have CD's of both and I already knew one was blown and the others didn't look good either, so I wasn't surprised.

    So now I wait to see what will be done. I did have a ab CT too and it mentioned 2 calcifications on my adrenal gland which one was there in 2001 and last summer but this report was more detailed than the other 2 and said follow up could be done. I haven't had time to research it, it said it probably was an old hemorrhage or a underlying neoplasm. So I am going to do a little surfing then settle in with the girls.

    I have been spending more time with them this week. If I swept my floors I bet I would have another furbie to play with, maybe I can do that tomorrow. I have been out all day for the last 2 days, tomorrow I get to stay home.

    Thank you all for being so kind and supportive. It does help me feel not so alone. It can be hard to not have anyone that I can call and ask to go to the store for me, or clean my house or dig a ditch. My life is what it is and I have accepted that. On the flip side I don't have to take care of, listen too, pick up after, cook for, car pool kids or deal with anyone else's problems. There are pros and cons to both sides, but I do have my critters and have been giving them more quality time and cuddles too.

    Does any one else have a adrenal issue? or a herniation? Thanks-Carla
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I was hoping your back injury was something temporary and fixable, but it really didn't sound like it was. I hope something can help: a brace or a corset maybe?

    Just when you were getting so involved w/ the work of the foundation. I am really sorry. I admire your attitude. I would be yelling and screaming and jumping up and down in frustration.

    Well, maybe not jumping too high w/ a bad back.

    Give the girls a pat for me.

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    That sounds so painful to me, but I'm glad the tests were run so now a treatment plan can be put in effect.

    I loved your description of your floors and wonder how many of us would fit the bill? Another critter to play with, lol!!!

    Will there be anyone to help you if surgery is recommended?


    Nancy B
  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I hope they can give you something soon for the pain to help you through this.

    It's such a crap thing to happen when everything was going so well for you.

    Thinking of you.

  5. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    You poor dear! I can only imagine the pain you must be going through. When I fractured my L-3,4,and 5s, I thought I was going to die....at least I wanted to then...LOL! But my fractured didn't damage any nerves, just inflamed them due to inflamation. I could not imagine having disc herniation with nerve damage. I am very impressed with your positive attidued and I know that you will recover very soon because of it. Prayers and hugs....Kathleen
  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Twinofdar- thanks for checking in and your kind words, you have always been so supportive of everyone and it does not go unnoticed. If that good looking brother of yours ever gets a divorce send him my way, I still need more digging done,lol, than maybe a nice back rub too :)

    Linda- I guess I will wait to see which direction my Dr wants me to go. I did look into neoplasm's and can't remember any injury where I would have hurt my gland but am not going to worry too much, since blood work can done to confrim or rule out other reasons.

    One site said some people with calcifications on their adrenals are chronically ill. I found that interesting.

    Rock- yes I should be jumping mad but maybe it wasn't meant for me to continue on with the foundation. I was having some concerns if I was able to balance my work and my health. I thoroughly enjoyed what I did and was looking forward to continuing but it would have been a huge sacrafice. My health is first and foremost, there are other people to carry on the cause, but I am the only one that can take care of me. The girls said thanks for the pat on the head

    Nancy- No I really have no one that I can ask to spend a extended amount of time with me. My best freind can take me and spend a night or so but she has RSD and a very stressfull life right now, her adult children and a 2 yo grandchild keep her time tied up. Glad you laughed at my floors, they are vinyl but looks like wood with a texture and hides dirt great but white dog hair is hard to hide :)

    Darkwaters- I know it is a shame what some have to go threw to get pain meds and treatment. Especially in this town. When did you have your surgery and what did they do? I really haven't had time to research treatments yet. But everything from L5 down is bad. Did you have the bone spurring too? They said my spine and facets are both dengerating with spurring.

    Rosie- My Dr has had me on percocets 4 a day for 4 years and she gave me plenty of 7.5 vicodan as well. I know many here are afraid of pain meds because of addiction and the side effects. However, those of us that have had long term chronic pain do not get the dopey side effects once you have been on them, it's just the first few weeks if you have never taken them.

    I have had back pain since the late 80's and bulged a disc which caused me siatica which took nearly a year to get over, then did it again in 2000 and another year of anti-inflammatories and shots. This is the first real injury I have had since and is the worst. It is effecting my front right leg this time, never had that before, always down the back.

    Kathleen- ow!- how did you fracture your back? How long did it take to heal? My attitude has to be what it is, many years of therapy helps too,lol. I have my girls counting on me and if it wasn't for them I am sure things would be different. I have been training Missy to "help mommy" for some time now. When I sit on the floor with them to play I have trained her to stand still and use her back to help get myself up. Thanks for your prayers and hugs-Carla
  7. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    My back was injured because of pure stupidity! I had been training a horse and was just at the end of his training. I was tired of this one little limb of a pecan tree slapping me in the face every time we cantered around it. So stupid me got the pruners, mounted the horse and began to snip. A small branch fell onto the reins and he went ballistic! I hit the ground and he took off. Any way, I was able to get back up and catch him, but when I tried to lift my foot into the stirrup to finish the job, I realized I was hurt worse than I thought. I passed out right there and no one was home to see what happened.

    Any way I managed to crawl to my neighbor's to get him to call my husband who took me to ER. It took about 6-8 weeks for recovery. My husband had to physically crry me in his arms to get me to the bathroom and in and out of bed! Glad those days are over. All this took place this past May and it is almost like it never even happened now.
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Oh that sounds very painful and that you were very lucky. I am glad it has a happy ending. In the late 80's I had a myelogram where they injected a dye into your spine then did xrays. The problem was if you raised your head within so many hours and the dye went to your brain, you would get migraine like headaches.

    Of course I was the one that had the side effect and was not allowed to raise my head for almost a week. My husband carried me downstairs in the morning, it was summer so my daughter then 15 was home. She took care of my bedpan and my food. You feel so helpless to have to depend on others for your every move- Glad your back got better and hope the rest of you is feeling better too-Carla
  9. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    I'm so sorry Carla.

    I had L3 & L4 disc removed and a spinal fusion in 87.

    The fusion took well and I have no problems there and glad I had the surgery.

    They told me one disc had ruptured and it left room for the one above that was worn from DDD to slip and slide without warning.

    I'm now having problems with several other disc along with DDD, osteoarthritis and RA.

    Thinking of you and
    Hope every thing works out ok.

  10. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi Hun,

    yes i have 5 bulging disc, 5 total-- 3 are in my neck and 2 are in my back--- mid and lower area.

    i also have lipomas im sure that's not the correct spelling but there fatty pockets of fat that pushes on the nerves and cause more pain, like we need more-LOL. not!

    they can be easily be removed but seem to grow back fast for some reason.

    neuronin has helped i feel-- with the numbness i get down both my arms to my thumbs and the tingling, in both legs and arms. im to get surgery but as for now i refuse.

    i just feel ,well im walking. yes in severe non-stop out of my mind pain , but still im walking. may sound silly but maybe some day, who knows.

    good luck, BLKKAT
  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks ladies and sorry you have had this happen to you. Wren glad your surgery worked out, it makes me feel good to know there are success stories

    I do feel like Blkkat sorta, I have know several people that had failed surgeries and were worse after. So I am a little hesistant. Plus I do not have anyone that could stay with me for more than a day or so we will see.

    I have seen all the pics, it's cool how they reconstruct it to see a 360 of your spine, scarey too when you see all the discs bulging and hanging over plus I have bone spurs, DDD and degenerative changes in the bones and facets are spurred to.

    Wren I have lipoma's too! They are in my my arms, legs and stomach. I have had very bad pain in my thoracic area for YEARS yet previous MRI's said nothing abnormal, but this one shows a area of tissue that I believe it is a lipomoa on my spine. It just hit me when you told me about yours.

    The area is swollen and can be felt but does not show up on xrays and the other MRI were without contrast. Thanks for telling me that.

    BLKKAT I like your name, I had a black cat once, he was a real character, his name was Natas. He passed many years ago. I hope you find a way to help your pain. I have been in chronic pain for over 20 years. I use to take up to 12 advil, ect a day just to get threw work. It wasn't until I found my wonderful Dr who finally gave me the meds I need to have somewhat of a functional life. If I didn't do something because it hurt I would never get anything done.

    Thanks again for sharing-Carla
  12. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    I wish you well !!

    boy that sounds so neat about your stained glass, i did a little in school and loved it. i live in the Seattle area and have you ever heard of the great glass blower ,maker around here in Tacoma??

    chihuly he has done work all over the world , he has a great studio ,live work shop you can stay and watch all day .

    plus you can just walk across the walking over pass of the highway in Tacoma wash. state, for free and see sooooo many pieces of his own works of art ,

    there in clear class cases stacked so your just in aw looking at all the work that must of went into the making of every piece of art, just amazing.

    i just looked this up for you hope you can pull it up you can see some of his glass work.

    its called chihuly bridge of glass also try museum of glass. its in tacoma washinton state.

    well you take care,

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  13. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm hoping you can continue work with the foundation without physical involvement but I do hope you'll hire out the ditch.

    I do understand having to, then wanting to, do things on your own. It's difficult to give up that independence! Maybe you can look at it as a vacation for now......... or not... lol

    Taking care of you, the girls and Smitten even seems like a lot right now. Oh! And your mother! I forgot about Mom.

    Wow. Yeah. Give up the ditch. It was a last-ditch effort that became the straw that broke your back (mixed metaphors but true).

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Blkkat- yes, I am very familar with Chiluly and his work, it has been shown in a gallery in my town. They did a documemtary on him and showed his home, OMG that man is so amazing. His pool was incediable, he did the whole bottom in his glass work.Thanks for info, I will go check it out-

    Marta- if I could have hired someone I would have and did try but no one wants to work anymore. I will not hire strangers out of the paper looking for handy man work, woman alone, quiet wooded area, don't think so.

    I do feel I need to take a break from everything, including the foundation. I did over do it and it was a sad reminder that I am not as well as I thought I was. So we will see. It has been nice the last 2 weeks and no pressure to HAVE to do anything, well besides go to the shop today. Got to bring home the bacon- take care and thanks for being here -Carla

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