I am beginning to believe in actupuntcure

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    My Mother has been in so much pain from her RA and Polymylaigia Rhemucictia,Athritis. She has been on a about 15 mgs of pregnzone for a few years and about a month ago she thought that she should reduce it and had the doctor 's ok do to so. AS she is also on blood thinners.

    But from the day she started to lower her pregnozone she was so stiff and in so much pain she started to ask me about what my MS Contin would do for her pain it was that bad. And her doctor as offered to give it to her .

    MY daughter & her hubby live with my mom in her basement and my daughter works for the DMV and told MOM that is she was going to take Morphine then she was going to make sure she didn't drive any more. And my mom who is 79 in august was hurt by this as she really needs some relief from this pain.

    She finally went to see a chiropractor who does Acupuntcure and after she had 4 visits to him she is walking more up right and has less pain than I have seen her in for years. She still takes her Lortab 10's but just not as often and she still has her pain but it is lessened.
    So It makes me think that it might just really work. My insurance will not pay for this chiropractor and his actupuncture for reasons I don't know . So I can't see him to see if it would help me with my pain from fibro ,MPS, Degeneraitve disc disease, facet syndrome, Bulding discs 2 of them L4-L5***L5-S1 and tail bone pain and bad knees and a arthriic wrist that I shattered 2 years ago and is causing me to have more pain and less function in it.

    So It makes me wonder if it would / could help me but I won't ever know as I don't have the money to pay for the treatments and the insuracne won't. So I am up a creek.

    But you don't know just how happy I am that there is something that is helping my mother walk up right not bent over with her elbow sticking out always bent and they seem to help her push as the elbows are heading to wawd her back . And she can't walk up right but this therapy is helping her. She said I think this is working but I won't say so yet because I don't want to jix it.

    I Hope that is keeps on helping her as she is leaving for CAnada in the morning . MY cousins have come to drive her to Magrath Alberta Canada for a visit of her family .There once was 9 kids in her family and now their are 4or 5 of her brothers and sisters left.

    That includes her. I don't know my family in Canada well as I have always lived in Utah and would only visit once a year and I have not been there to see that part of the family in over 4 years.

    I really miss them and miss seeing places that I enjoyed seeing. I really hope that my Mom will do well on this trip and will get to see her family as she has not been able to go to th funerals because of her own health.

    I hope that she has a safe trip and gets to see all the friends adn family that she wants to see. She will be gone for about 2 weeks. I wanted to go but I have a doctors appointment with my pain doctor so that lets that out.

    But I was so happy when she told me that she could roll over with out as much searing pain to reach her glass of water to take her pain pill. And she had only had to take 3 taht day in stead of 6 in a day. I hope that it iwll keep helping her on this trip. And maybe my cousins husband'swho is a chiropractor does acutupuntcure to but who knows.

    Darn I want to go and see all the family there. But she is going to take lots of pitures so I can see who is who and how they have changed.

    HUgs to all and have a good night,Rosemarie
  2. my rheumatologist told me accupunture would not help fibro. But I too am wondering if it really would. Glad it is helping your mother.
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    I have CFIDS, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Fibro, Diabetes, and several other illnesses, including a chronic bone marrow infection.

    Acupuncture had really helped me! My fibro pain is gone and my brain fog is really better. I can read again, and do math, and sleep.

    My insurance has only 3 acupuncturists in my county, on it's list. One of them happened to also be a Chinese medicine Doctor, who had studied in Tibet. He is the one I go to, and he is great. He gives discounts for cash payments.

    The acupuncturinst I went to in San Jose, gave discounts, also. Did you check your list of approved providers? If there is no acupuncturist on your list, maybe you could find one who would give you a discount. It would be worth the effort, I think. The nice thing about acupuncturists, is, that they are usually concerned with being healers, not with just relieving symptoms, or making lots of money.

    Good luck to you both!!
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