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    I had a really bad experience with the EMG and Nerve Conduction test. Now I really fear needles.

    I had surgery on August 8. Due to not being told of a nerve lesion I have a 6 inch incison which could have been 2 inches if I would have had the surgery done sooner. Same doctor who did my EMG is the one who did not tell me of the nerve lesion.

    I called the doctors office this morning because my incision was burning and my husband noticed that I had 3 puss areas. My call was returned at 6PM. This nurse told me that she has never heard of any patient getting an infection in their incision after 2 months has passed since surgery. She asked me if I was sure I have puss at the incision site. I asked my husband again and he said yes, in three spots. The nurse then told me to go to the hospital and they should be able to help me.

    I went to the emergency room. The doctor there did not want to even touch it. He said that he would give me an antibotic and that I should see the doctor who did my surgery in the morning. He gave me 1 pill. Wow, that should get me through the night. This doctor said that he does not want to touch an area that has had a nerve surgery. Wasn't this trip to the hospital a waste. So, here I am at home hurting and burning, waiting for daylight to get here so that I can see the Surgeon. It would be easier for me to tell you what is not hurting me tonight. Take care.
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    So sorry you are having all these problems after the surgery!

    YOu be sure to see that doctor tomorrow and do not let them talk you out of it either!

    My uncle had surgery for a hernia, it was a year later that he got an infection where the incision was. It turned out that they had left a piece of gauze in him. It was not a problem getting it out, but thats just as example what can happen.

    I do not trust doctors very much at all anymore.

    YOu take care, and BE sure they see you tomorrow, the sooner the better.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am so sorry you are going through this. Some Dr's can just be so ignorant. I sure hope the surgeon acts a lot better tomorrow when you see him. Did he apply a triple antibiotic on the site at all? This is what I thought they should have done along with oral antibiotics. What does he think one pill is going to do. I wonder why some of these physicians even bother practicing medicine if they honestly do not care anymore. I sure hope you find some sort of relief until tomorrow when you see the surgeon and hopefully he will do something to help you to feel more comfortable and something to get rid of the infection. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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    Shirl, I am sorry your uncle had to go through that. Gee, after a year. I guess you just never know what could come back to bite you after you have a surgery. I even hate being put to sleep to have surgery. I will be calling the surgeon first thing in the morning.

    Sissy, the doctor at the hospital did nothing but look at the incision. I held my arm up and he did not even touch it. No ointment, just the 1 pill. This incident makes me wonder how many others have wasted time and money going to emergency rooms.
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    of puss is really decaying dead white cells which have already attacked an infection.

    The body is ridding itself of this matter by coming to the surface in an attempt to eliminate it from the system. - It`s just taken time to do this as it depends on how deep the initial infection was.

    My son as a baby had a carbuncle by his collerbone (looked horrendous) but it sorted itself out without the use of antibiotics.

    If anyone gets boils etc, it`s just the body eliminating the waste product of infection, nothing to panic about...
    Same as white heads but larger.
    The body is wonderful at healing itself given the right help, doctors poison us with drugs.

    Eating raw garlic or taking OLE is as good as antibiotics, so no need to rely on the GP, but after reading Mikie`s Uncle`s experience, there`s always the possibility of negligance by the surgeon after an operation.

    If the incision area becomes red & swollen try Olive Leaf Extract.(antiviral/bacterial/fungal & parasitical)

    One of our cats came in limping on 3 legs, 4 days ago, she`d somehow damaged her back paw, it was swollen & been bleeding. - The vet wanted to give her ABX but I gave her a bit of OLE powder from a capsule instead. She`s fine now, it`s much better.

    Sorry to rattle on, just hope this helps,

    Love Pat.

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    to hear of this experience your going through. How terrible. For one, why did the Nurse call you and NOT your Doctor. You need to go in to see that Doctor or your primary physician today. I would not mess around with it. And don't let them bully you into saying they don't have any openings. if so, tell them you will just come in and sit and wait then!! I know how ER's are, they are rediculous. I am so sorry your going through this and be sure to let us know how your doing okay.
    Thinking of you.
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    I had this with the incision where my tubal ligation was done. I couldn't believe it got infected so long after. The doc told me to get into the bathtub in hot water to see if it would cause the abcesses to drain. It did and when I saw him the next morning, there were scabs which he removed to ensure there was no more pus. He put ointment on the incision and covered it. That was the end of it.

    When nerves are involved in surgery, the pain is sooooo much worse. Nerves regenerate very slowly and bruised ones will take forever to calm down. It took a year for the nerve in my arm to recover from being bruised by tendon surgery. I used heat and ice alternating, put magnets inside my dressing but not next to the skin, and massaged the area over the nerve. Everything helps a little.

    Get something for your pain, even if you have to see a pain specialist. Good luck and let us know how you are.

    Love, Mikie