I am DOOMED...........................

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IntuneJune, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Never do I give the diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FMS) when going to the ER. (I try NOT to use the ER in the first place.)

    We are not treated equally in most cases.

    If two patients were on beds side by side in the ER with the exact same pain symptoms, I believe the staff, for the most part, would look further into the pain of the patient who does not have FMS. The FMS patient will be sent home....it's just your fibro.

    This happened to me last March, in the hospital where I work and they were going to send me home. Luckily my doctor gave me instructions to "Tell the doctor to call me when you arrive."

    So at the point the doc was trying to discharge me, I asked if he had reached my doctor yet,...no he had not tried. "Those were my instructions and I am not leaving until you do."

    My doctor had them look further and on top of the sinus infection I was being treated for over the past week, I had a good case of the flu.....and I had gotten a flu shot in the Fall. ER doc had not tested because I did have the flu shot. My doc insisted that he test. They prescribed Tamiflu which helped tremendously.

    ANYWAY, LISTEN UP FOLKS, like many hospitals, my hospital has gone to the paperless chart. Every patient now has an electronic record.

    We just switched over about three weeks ago. I went for routine lab work, before my upcoming doctor's appointment, and had been carrying the lab slip in my wallet for almost four months.

    We are in the midst of MAJOR home repairs, (which is why I have not been on the board lately, no internet connection). I am exhausted, stressed, being home for contractors and trying to ekkk out hours at work, getting ready for Christmas and getting ready for a wedding December 30, my son is getting married.

    I was not thinking, handed over my lab slip (without looking/thinking) and it had the dx of FMS on it. Ordinarily, that dx would not end up on a piece of paper to be placed in my permanent paper chart that would be viewed by an ER physician.

    NOT NOW!!! There is it, the second diagnosis which shows up on the "front" page when you look in the computer.

    So now, if I go to the ER, the first thing the ER doc will do is pull up my record. Yep!! THERE IT IS!!!!!!

    I'm doomed.

    I tried to have it deleted. Thought I could muster a little pull. Had my department head ask for me.

    NOPE! There IT IS for all to see.

    My only recourse is, if I HAVE a choice, sometimes you don't, I will have to go to another ER.

  2. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Isn't technology wonderful? NOT!

    Now if you go to ER you'll have to convince them not to think about it until they test for everything else.

    I imagine we'll all be having this problem before too long.

    Sorry for your doomation (LOL)!

    Take care,
  3. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Oh - that stinks - I am with you... I do not bring it up. You will have to tell these people if/when you go back to the ER that these are completely DIFFERENT symptoms than your Fibro ... probably won't help though.

    Sorry that happened. It is sad but I believe you are right!
    Sorry :-(

  4. Aghllw

    Aghllw New Member

    You know, Why is it that we are treated that way by a hospital??? Have you heard anyone at yours talking about it?? Like we are liars or something... I am sorry that you had to deal with it, but you know...this is REAL!!

    Wow, I am speechless....

    God Bless you!
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds as though you have an awful lot on your plate.

    Love, Mikie
  6. netnut

    netnut New Member

    I can so relate!

    Not only do I get the rolling of eyes for the fibro but I also have bipolar so they just decide that I am a nutcase. They really dont take any of my symptoms seriously anymore. I recently went in with a severe bladder infection and they left me sitting in the exam room for over three hours without even asking me to put a gown on or checking on me. They did ask me to get them a urine sample but it sat in the room with me and they never came and got it. I went in complaining of severe lower abdominal pain, nausea, cramping, pain radiating to my back. They never gave me a thing for pain. They just asked my dx's and what meds I am on. I take nothing for pain except otc meds because I dont have insurance so I dont have access to a doctor. My only doctor is my psychiatrist.

    When they hadnt seen me in over three hours and my hubby came to get me after he got off of work, I walked out. I went home and found some old antibiotics one of the kids didnt take and used them. Unreal what the ER will do for us.
  7. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Hi June,

    Guess I'm one of the very lucky ones here as our hospital and medical center are computerized but..big but,my main doctor made sure every other health issue I have is listed before the fibro. You are very right that in today's enlightened country so very many don't understand us. And extremely sad is that a major part of the lack of knowledge is the medical community itself on the whole. I'm not sure about where you are but we often get patient surveys from our providers. By filling these out we may help another that needs help then not next week call your doctor tomorrow. I have 4 hospitals around 25 miles off but only one I can fully trust in my opinion. A hospital is only as good as it's people. I'm glad you stood up for your rights. How many don't know this?Scary thought. Maineweezie
  8. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Thank you for your replies.

    It's bad enough we are stuck with this "thing" no one can treat effectively.

    But to also walk with "The Scarlet Letter."

  9. demablue

    demablue New Member

    Do they treat you like you are only out for drugs? I have seen this happen time and time again!
  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i hurt like crap and i have to do homework, a term paper. well anyways we all know what you are talking about.

  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I never make a big deal about fibromyalgia and I agree completely.

    Thank you
  12. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Well, I am blessed in that my regular doctors, internist, pulmonary, allergist, gynecologist do NOT treat me any differently than the next patient.

    They have come to trust my instincts when I say, this is not the fibro.

    It's those sticky situations with me....the odd times I need to have intervention before the doctor's office is open.

    I was fortunate last March I was able to talk to the doctor BEFORE I went to the ER, this was a Friday evening. That won't necessarily be the case, sometimes it is hard to get through.

    Thanks for listening everyone.

    Love, June

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