I am extremely glad to see someone in my field ...

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    stand up to his colleagues and speak the truth..Dr. Alan Gurwitt, M.D. wrote an article on the "Morbid Fascination with Psychiatric Morbidity" with regard to CFS/FM...Whenever, the medical profession doesn't know what causes a medical problem, it tends to become "psychologized", and I was so afraid my profession would get this disorder(I was a psychologist), and therefore, would not get to the real causations. At one time, Mutiple Sclerosis was called "Hysterical Paralysis", and there are examples like this throughout history.. Thank you, Dr. Gurwitt for pointing out that, yes, there is a big distinction between Chronic Fatigue and CFS and yes, we do have a lousy name. Thank you for pointing out that there has been a lot of research pointing far away from psychological causation and towards the physiological systems of the body..not that there is any thing wrong with having psychological problems..let's just find out where this illness belongs and how to treat it effectively..it couldn't happen in the psychology field as the primary causative factor... I hope this will filter down to the rest of the world at large...`Thank you for having the integrity, the foresight and for standing up to your colleagues and pointing out the inaccuracy of their methods and, seeing what should be apparent at this point.. it belongs in the realm of people who don't take the easy way out, who search, and search for the "true" answers...See (ONE DOCTOR SPEAKS OUT AGAINST THE "MORBID FASCINATION WITH PSYCHIATRIC MORBIDITY" WITH REGARD TO CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME AND FIBROMYALGIA)ImmuneSupport.com AMELIA
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    Perhaps all this has happened because most CFS/FMS patients are women and for years, most docs have been men. For many men, including docs, women are a mystery because there is definitely a difference in the sexes, as it should be. Men are taught from childhood to take control, provide solutions, and take care of things. When they can't, they often tend to externalize and find something on which to blame illnesses they can't cure or even understand. Female hysteria and hormones are prime scapegoats for docs.

    I'm glad to see our illnesses are getting legitimate recognition. It's about time.

    Love, Mikie
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    right on, mikie, well said. it is so true that women are the scape goats of the medical profession. i study feminist theory at university and this is my major area of interest - the way women are treated, misdiagnosed etc. i've been told "its all in your head, you need psychiatric help immediately" by a rheumy... an 'old school' male. our only hope is that WE all become docs and medicate/research ourselves! if you want a job done right, do it yourself!

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    and I agree! When I was studying Freud and his basic invention of "hysteria" when treating women, I thought of some of my doctors . . .

    scary . . .

    I don't think that we are necessarily paranoid, just my opinion,

    April Huque, M.A.