i am fealing better today love u all

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    hellow my deer family;
    i am fealing better today and part of the reason of it is you loving people. i recived a lot of support from you. this weekend was a very painful oneand with the help i got from you guys i manged to get through it. i talked to my counslor this week and she is telling me that i need to do what you people said all along. so tomorrow i have a doctor's appt. and i am going to talk to him about a rescue medication. i have got a lot of info from this site and pthers along with stuff from you guy's. so i have made a list of rescue medications that i can try. i have this fealing that it will do no good, i am trying to override this with positive self talk. it is working, to a point, i an still worried. i also have a appointment to see the pain clinc at the local hospital for june. i tried those lidomer 5% patches and do not give me any relife. just want to put that out there.

    i hope that the pain clinic helps me. it will be a new experence and i hope a postive one..... i am going to see if i can get it sooner, hey all we can do is ask.... i figure that all they can say is no...

    i found out today that on top of all the crap i have in my back i have something called ,coxix-pain syndrome i do not know if i got it right . it is a degenterative condition of the coxix(tail bone) and is degentrave and not treatable at all. so more crap to deal with. i worked to hard they say and it caused me a lot of problems with my back. it makes me feal like i am guilty of some crime for taking care of my kids as a single parent.

    by for know, i appreciate you all for the support and understanding.
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    that you are feeling better. Hate to hear that you were diagnosed with another problem. Hope that you continue to feel better.