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    I went for about two months where I kept getting really sick and would sleep for many hours and really hurt, etc. Throat sore and mild fever off and on.Diarrhea also. It would go away and then come back. Once during this time I slept for 30 some hrs!

    My Rhuemy, per phone, said to drink Gatorade, that I was deyhdrated. In talking further I was told to use some Pedilite (sp?)instead. I picked out the groc. store brand after studying labels. WOW, I am have used it only twice, (you are to drink a bottle, once opened, in a 48 hr. period.) Tonight I went and bought a couple more to try further and then I will make an appt. and see him again after what I discovered.

    I feel better than I have for a LONGgggg time. It has dawned on me that I take sinus/allergy pills and pills for muclous (sp?) and have for a long time. I have been drying up my body!?! The electrolytes also help as better than just water at this point. I still drink water also.

    All of this along with the thread by: afisher39 on
    Silent Acid Reflux was cause of my chronic fatigue 11/30/05 12:37 (enter in search box to find, really a great posting). I had already printed this out to take to my doctor, before this discovery. He had not seen it yet.

    All together this is making sense. I think both has caused a build up in my body. I do not hurt as bad! I am recovering faster from doing certain things. Right now I would be super great but my sinuses are flaring up, and throat is getting sore.

    I've also had several root canals in some spots and I get the infection back and face swells and pains. I did not do it the last time the dentist wanted to do another one, I just took the antibotics, that was over a year ago amd it has not been that bad since. It starts to bother me and goes way. All aprt of the article I posted here to go and see. This article really fits me!

    So with this very recent find, I am more convinced this is my problem.
    Has anyone heard of this? Too much allergy/sinus meds on top of everything else?

    Pray for me........and God Bless all of you and I wish all of you good things.

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    Dehydration can be a very dangerous thing. I get dehydrated on a regular basis for some reason. It can have a lot of symptoms. I have a recipe for a drink for dehydration some where, it uses sugar, salt and water to help get you balanced out. I hope you continue to feel good.

    This is from Wilkipedia.org

    Symptoms may include headaches similar to what is experienced as a hangover, a sudden episode of visual snow, decreased blood pressure (hypotension), and dizziness or fainting when standing up due to orthostatic hypotension. Untreated dehydration generally results in delirium, unconsciousness, and death.

    Dehydration symptoms generally become noticeable after 2% of one's normal water volume has been lost. Initially, one experiences thirst and discomfort, possibly along with loss of appetite and dry skin. Athletes may suffer a loss of performance of up to 50%, and experience flushing, low endurance, rapid heart rates, elevated body temperatures, and rapid onset of fatigue.

    The symptoms become increasingly severe with greater water loss. One's heart and respiration rates will increase to compensate for decreased plasma volume and blood pressure, while body temperature may rise due to decreased sweating. Around 5% to 6% water loss, one may become groggy or sleepy, experience headaches or nausea, and may feel tingling in one's limbs (paresthesia). With 10% to 15% fluid loss, muscles may become spastic, skin may shrivel and wrinkle, vision may dim, urination will be greatly reduced and may become painful, and delirium may begin. Losses of greater than 15% are usually fatal. [1]


    Correction of a dehydrated state is accomplished by the replenishment of necessary water and electrolytes (rehydration). Even in the case of serious lack of fresh water (e.g. at sea or in a desert), drinking seawater or urine does not help, nor does the consumption of alcohol. The sudden influx of salt into the body from seawater will cause your cells to dehydrate and your kidneys to overload and shut down.

    When dehydrated, unnecessary sweating should be avoided, as it wastes water. If there is only dry food, it is better not to eat, as water is necessary for digestion. The best treatment for minor dehydration is consumption of an electrolyte-balanced fluid like a sports drink. For severe cases of dehydration where fainting, unconsciousness, or any other severely inhibiting symptom is present (the patient is incapable of standing or thinking clearly), emergency attention is required. Fluids will be given through an IV, and within a few hours, the patient will return to normal unless a complication occurs.

    Avoiding dehydration

    A person's body loses, during an average day in a temperate climate such as the United Kingdom, approximately 2.5 litres of water. This can be through the lungs as water vapor, through the skin as sweat, or through the kidneys as urine. Some (a less significant amount, in the absence of diarrhea) is also lost through the bowels.

    During vigorous exercise or in a hot environment, it is easy to lose several times this amount. Heavy exercise in high temperatures could cause the loss of over 2.5 litres of fluid per hour, which exceeds the body's absorptive capacity.

    Take care,

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    All is appreciated. I have been studying so much and reading the boards for sometime.

    When I was at the store I ran into a lady I have known for many yrs. She is a nurse. Her sister has fibro. I told her about why I thought I was feeling better and how I had felt.
    I was going to mention the Acid Reflex also and she mentioned it first! She thought it would tie into it all, the sore throats, the sinuses and so forth. I laughed and told her that I also was feeling that and she was surprised I already knew so much about it.

    sometimes I feel that we should skip the drs. and talk to the nurses......LOL.

    Thanks to this board I am getting more and more knowledge and feel that I am on the right track.......for me anyhow.

    It might be a fluke.......we will see.......but I sure am excited over this discovery of self.
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    Sue, this was the electrolyte scenario as was explained to me, and might be the case in your scenario.

    Our cells in our body have this membrane that covers the outer part of the cell. For some reason, in some of us, that cell membrane gets closed off.

    Then when we are eating healthy food or taking our vitamins, because this membrane is closed off, it's difficult for the essential vitamins and minerals to cross over this cell membrane.

    Then what happens is kind of a domino effect, we get sicker and sicker, allergies start to set in, our immune system gets weaker and weaker, and we start to have pain.

    Our bodies need electrolytes and minerals. You might also want to add some minerals to your regimen, if you already aren't, and I'm betting you will feel even better.

    Celtic salt or Himalayan salt is also another good source of electrolytes.

    My personal opinion, your source of electrolytes would be more well served from the Pedialyte or Celtic/Himalayan salt, I'm just not a fan of Gatorade or any type of pop, colas, sweetened drinks, we're doing our bodies more grievious harm with those avenues.

    So glad for you though that you're having such good success and so glad you shared with us.

  5. kch64

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    Thanks for the information. I'm going to try it too.


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