I am feeling so guilty

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    Hi guys. I am so sorry about not updating the prayer list. I read and pray for everyone, but I am so exhausted that I can't do all of the updates. Most of the time it is hard to even respond and tell ya all that I am praying for you. There are so many needs and prayer requests, and I feel so bad about not adding all of them.

    Please pray for me. I loved helping out by doing the prayer updates, but it really is time consuming. Does anyone else have any suggestions for prayer night and updating the prayer lists?

    Maybe we can start a post titled "prayer requests for prayer night" and each one of us can post our own request for that week? Maybe just kinda keep it simple and to the point so that if it needs to be printed off it won't take up a lot of ink or paper? I usually print mine off so that I can go into my bedroom (prayer closet) and pray for each person individually.

    Please give me some feedback. I feel so guilty that I have been avoiding comming here. I love you all, Tam
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    Great ideas from both of you. I found myself floundering yesterday with the lists. I got discouraged and I realized we need some form of organization that better serves prayer night.

    Maybe we can combine your ideas. I suggest:

    1. make ONE new post each week/USE CAPITALS IN THE SUBJECT LINE

    2. title it PRAYER REQUEST

    3. Put the date of the coming Thursday

    for instance~~~~~~


    4. Keep that particular request as direct as possible

    I would say we can continue all our regular requests where we speak more leisurely, and pray as we go. Another words leave everything as it is...... except for specific prayer night requests and make it so they are very visible.

    This would enable a person to request exactly the same thing each week. Or, it could be a one time thing.

    I know I get frustrated reading about a particular person or situation, I pray, but the details become fuzzy in my mind. After a couple days I am saying. Lord please help that person who...... ? .

    I think this involves just a tiny bit more effort for each person requesting prayer, but it means no one person need keep long lists. Tam, I realized how impossible it was becoming, and then there was the question of what was new and what was old.

    Let's get some other opionions, and if we are in agreement, Let's make a post using all Capital letters to catch the eye. I don't know how to put things in bold type.

    This would also be helpful to me to note who has the same request each week, and the prayer would become part of my daily ritual . Otherwise my brain turns to mush.

    In no way would this detract from regular posts, I think it could just be a way of organizing us??????

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    You are a beautiful woman that is so loving and giving. You are also an angel from God, but PLEASE don't worry about the prayer list or feel guilty about not updating it all. It is just too big of a job , I don't know how you did it before. I have a suggestion, I will put it in hanginthere post.

    You are too hard on yourself, we understand here what it means to be in pain and not be able to always come on here and try to take care of all the requests. This is actually a fairly small group and there are sooo many requests, I can not keep up with them either.

    God Bless you , I pray for all as well and I am praying for you

  4. caffey

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    You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. You are in a season where you need to take care of yourself. Don't put yourself on a guilt trip. Don't feel that you have to pray for all the requests. There are lots of people available to pray. Please just rest and be at peace. You are special and loved for who you are and not what you do. God will raise up someone to take this over for as long as it takes. God Bless you and Peace be still. I hope you can feel His arms around you.
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    I think that the idea of posting individual needs each week will work out VERY well. It's more flexible - as our situations change.

    And more compact.

    I just checked it, and it will be so easy to just go there and pray all during the week, as well as Thursday nights.

    Love, Judy
  6. tlayne

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    Great idea about starting a post for prayer night where we can each post our own! Some have answered prayers, and others have needs that change. I was trying to make changes to the prayer list as I read up on them, but it was getting to be overwhelming!

    Whew! I am relieved!

    There are so many new prayer warriors here that I am amazed! Glory be to God for expanding our group! May I welcome you all! Love in Christ, Tam
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    I'm so sorry you felt guilty! We just missed YOU, not what you were trying to do for all of us.

    It was a nice gesture, but too much for one person, this new way will work Great!!

    I don't post a Daily Dose everyday neither, even tho i named it that, it just sounded good!

    But i know the first time, i missed i felt bad, cause it felt like people were depending on me.

    But that's just it, everyone contributes a little here and there, and almost everyday, there is some encouragement to be found, Gods, word.

    I was really blessed by Omeeony's post today. I know i spelled that wrong, sorry!

    Hugs, and love,

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    I am still the new kid on the block here but I can see in the short time I have been on here how selfless you have been at trying to keep track of all the prayer requests. You are a gem and I am sure everyone here knows that. Don't feel guilty at all. Goodness sakes. Thanks for all the work you have done, probably all the months I was out there looking for all of you here.