I am finding out no matter what kind of exercise you do

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    No matter what kind of exercise you do to help keep your muscle's in good shape , your always going to have pain from what you do.

    Case in point I started a Deep end water program called Hydrofit. And I love it but I had to find out the HARD way that my body can't do some of the exercise's that are done in this class and I also can't use some of the equmpment that is used to help streghten your legs muscles.
    For if I use the stryofoam floats I cause my self a lot of unnessary pain. AS these booties as they are called fit relaly tight around you ankles and under your feel. The purpose of the booties is to cause more restenstiance in your workout. IF you use them your doing almost 3 x the streaching adn running that you cwould be doing if you were on land.

    But since I have fibro and bad knees all it does for me is add to the pain I already have and exhuste me to the point that I can't go to class for 1-2 nights.. And I pay for usuing them too.

    I need to quit listening to that little voice in my head that tells me "Oh yes you can do this , it really is not that hard. And it is fun.." yes is it for the moment I am doing it but then I have to pull my chuncky body up and out of the pool with knees taht feel like they are not going to be there when I stand up and put weight on them.

    Have I learned my lesson? In what you say? I will tell you what . I need to listen to what my BODY is telling me not what my brain is telling me things I can do.

    Just because my BRAIN thinks I can do anything does not mean I can really do the exercises that are done in this class. Another thing I have to learn is that just because the beat of the music is fast paced does not mean I have to do teh exercise;'s to the fast beat.Sounds simple doesn't it. Just do what I can and don't over do it.

    But when you haev music that is blaring that has a really STRONG BEAT TO IT your body naturally will try to match the beat, and for people who have chronic pain issues , and fibro , MPs this in not a good thing. So I try to slow down my work out to my own beat and it is hard to do. I want to move just as fast as the instructer is moving. And there is NO way I can do that.

    So sicne I have paid for a month's worth of class's I better get it through my head that I must move much slower than the rest of the class and that is just fine. The instructers tell you that you should be doing this to YOUR LEVEL NOT THEIRS so Rosemarie's Brain Pay ATTENTION. YOU can't do the exercises as fast as the beat of the music.

    I have to go slow and make the exercise;'s fit my body and what my body can do. IF that means I wear a float belt and no booties than that is just fine I still can do the exercises but it will not be causing me pain from doing them.

    I maybe should stop sooner than the rest of the class and while they are still working out I can just slow down and rest and let my body just float in the water. And when the class comes to the streaches then do them , but it is not a contest to seee who can do thiese exercises to move my legs so far apart during the spilts that I cause a pain in my "GROAN MUSCELE" AS it will really make me groan.
    I can do the streches to the point that I feel it strech but no further or once more I will pay for what I am doing.

    And for some reason I just can't make my body lay face down in the water adn put my feet up on teh side of the pool and have my toes hold my feet there and do streches with the stryfoam dumbells and strech out my armss and my legs. MY legs just don't get up and over the side of the pool and I look like I am drowning. So I don't do those esercise's. I am trying t do the exercise;s taht I can do and push just the smallest bit every other time I go. AS I want to improve my body tone but not to cause me sever pain that will last all day long and make me flare.

    I really want to go to the class's but if I over ddddo it, I pay for it, meaning that when I over do it I will not be attending classes for a couple of days as I have over done it and pushed my body to hard and now it will not work right and only cause me intence pain and exhustion.

    The classes are so mcuh fun as I get to met new women adn lern how to do some new things that are good for my body. YOu have to admit that taking a hydrofit class in the deep end of the pool is much better than laying on my couch eating. Right?

    I just have to get the right brain and the left brain on the same page and to do what is best for me. NO this class is not asy becasue I haev not done any kind of exercise in over 3 years so my body is stiff adn sore adn hurts from finding out aht I still have muscles that are there and really do work too.

    I go to the class to help my body grow and change and to help it with learing how to do teh hydrOFIT ClASS's and as I follow the exercise's and do them right but not so hard that they casue me great pain . I am fine in taking the class. It is the over doing of the exercises that cause me to have more pain and suffering from what I did with no one telling me that I must keep moving as fast as the beat is going.

    Having a disability is some thing that onnne must get used to having. For we all kow that at one time we could do any ting and it did not bother us. But now with things like fibro, MPS, CFS, and MS , Lupus and much more we have to take beter care of our bodies. Our bodies are different than the regular body, WE don't have the elsaticitcy taht we had once aopn a time. WE can't move as fast as other people can, we need help in more palces that we ever thought we would need. OUr bodies have changed even though our minds have not. Adn when we siten to wht the brain has to say we have already over done the exercise's.

    I need to keep this up and keep on doing some form of the exercise wwwwo that we doint lose the muscle tone we now have , but we don't wnat to over do it ,sso I haev to do the mimumin aount of the exercises so tat I don't cause my slef more pain rthan is nessary.

    IIF we would just let our bodyies do the things that they know what we know how to do.

    I want to keep on taking my class so I haev to learn the rules for me. And follow them to the leter.AS long as I lollow the rules t. If I flollow te=hem I will not be in pain. Thanks for putting up ewith mu posts.Thanks for putting up with me .
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    Good luck with this, you are a very determined lady!

    Could you not do every other exercise, & rest by the side of the pool for the alternate one? I had hydrotherapy years ago, & the wonderful physio made me rest between each exercise & get out as soon as I began to feel exhausted.
  3. pammy52

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    I hope that you can find the right pace for the classes.

    It is hard to take it slow.
    I was taking aqua therapy as part of my physical therapy.

    I loved the class but was amazed at how easily I tired out and how much pain it brought if I didn't go at half the speed and length of time as others.
    I had to quit 15 min. earlier then the rest and just float for a bit.

    Unfortunately because I had to go right to work from the class, I ended up stopping the treatment because I was just too tired after.

    I am the office coordinator for the physical therapy dept. where I receive treatment.
    The therapists understand my situation and are frustrated for me that I cannot continue the classes.
    They only do the classes in the morning and there is no way to rearrange my work schedule.

    The gal who is the head of the program is going to work with me in the office to get the routines done and then hopefully I can go to the pool after work and do them on my own.

    I understand completely how you feel.
    I used to be a really active person. Hiking, softball, horseshoes and bowling up until my 30s and 40s.
    Swimming was my favorite activity.
    Was a lifegaurd years ago.

    Can't believe that I couldn't keep up with the 70 and 80 yr. olds in the therapy class who were there as part of their recovery for hip replacement.

    Let us know how you make out.
    If you can move a bit away from everyone else it helps.
    Not so easy to get caught up in their pace.

    Hugs, Pammy
  4. toughone

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    I have put out a lot of money over the years for exercise classes-both land and water-only to discover that no matter what kind I do, I ALWAYS ending up suffering dearly for it. And I am so sick and tired of finding that every single book or article I read says "a good exercise program is what you need" or "exercise will keep symptoms under control". I know that I have to keep my muscles moving but I have yet to find an exercise that doesn't make everything worse. I have bought treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers and countless exercise tapes, books and dvds. My daughter has tried it all with me--nothing.
    So, do what you can COMFORTABLY do and I'll be cheering for you!
    Take care...

  5. sascha

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    i can't stand getting more and more out of shape. but i overdo before i know it. even in PT, i overdid and had to stop. i went to a prescriptive yoga class and wound up in PT. then i couldn't do the PT exercises.

    i'm trying to find something i can keep going in extreme moderation. riding my bike yesterday, i stopped for long times on benches and read as i went around a small lake. but i went right to bed and to sleep when i got back.

    i try floor stretching exercises and a few pushups from my knees a few times a week. sometimes i can do it; sometimes i get the strong message >>NO. Not today.

    i used to be pretty fit and strong, so it is hard to not be able to do much. but i keep trying to do a little.

    the biking thing is weird, because i can bike for a bit, but i can't walk without too much pain to keep going beyond a block or so. sometimes it's a little better than other times.

    it's a dilemma for sure! best, sascha *also for cfids, any aerobic exercise is not a good idea. (i have cfids)
  6. ckball

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    Last fall I was walking 1.5 miles. I did this most of the winter with the dogs. I stopped during the remodel because I couldn't do both and figured I was moving.

    I have been trying to get back to that 1.5 mile. Now I'm doin 3/4 mile. But the heat has been bad, it sucks the life out of me.

    Sometimes I just go out and walk to the end of the road and back and 500 feet. Then do it again later in the day.

    Build up slowly, I loved water PT. Hang in there Rosie you'll do fine-Carla

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