i am freaking out ot: kinda

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    well like a month ago my son told me he seen a bat in my house it was dark so i told him it was probably a big moth so on friday my hubby is in the basement and finds a bat in our sink.so i start thinking about rabies because our cat is an indoor cat and she had such a bad reaction to the last rabies shot she got i never took her for the next one which was due 1 1/2 yrs ago now i know how my cat chases things. so i keep thinking would if she got rabies and gave it to someone in my house i have to call the health dept on mon to get it tested mean while i cant sleep eat and threw myself into the worst flare ever my mind wont turn off my hubby took the cat to the vet and they give her a rabies shot and said she is fine how could she know? anything i have read said they should be quarintined or killed to test their brain.i have my kitty locked in the basement until the test comes back from the bat. i wouldnt be so freaked out if i didnt know it was in my house for over a month.please help me put my mind at ease thanks charlene
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    Hi Charlene, I am sorry this is happening to you. What I can tell you is that my vet told me that most animal shots actually can last longer then the repeat time frame. That is, the immunity lasts longer then the standard time to get another one. I know this is true because a past dog of mine had to be tested to see if she could forego a shot because of illness. She was still immune so she did not have the shot. An animal can be tested to see if they are still immune. I'll just bet your cat is fine. Also do you really know if the cat had contact with the bat? Try not to worry it will probably be ok. I wish you the best, Jess
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    i dont know for sure if the cat was in contact but she will chace a fly and knock it down in mid air she goes in the basment all the time because her litter box and food is down there i was also think was the bat drinking her water besause ti is transmitted through saliva you dont need to get a bite i hope your right about the vaccines hugs charlene
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    Charlene...my dog has the same problem with rabies vaccines. They make him very sick. My vet tells me that the vaccine is actually good for 3 years. He let us skip this year in getting our dog vaccinated. When was your cat vaccinated last? I'll bet she is still protected.

    Try not to worry!
    God bless,
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    her last vaccination was 2/2004 it was a 3 yr rabies. im just so worried about my kids the cat bites sometimes
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    Bats are not as likely to carry rabies as people think, in fact it is highly unlikely.

    Also bats do not attack people as we have heard of them getting in people's hair. They have a type of sonar or radar that causes them to keep from hitting anything.

    I don't think you need to worry.
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    we think the bat came home with my son from camping on june 23rd he seen it in the house shortly after that so now im thinking was it in his tent with him ill have to see what the health dept will say tomarrow hugs charlene
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    the health dept opens at 8:00 so i talk to them and my son took them the bat they should know by thursday if the bat has rabies ill update then he really didnt see any need to vaccinate the family but i am very nervous about the whole thing anything i have read said if there has bee a bat in your living area you should get the shots until you know for sure about the rabies thanks for all the responces
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