I am getting a electric scooter

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sues1, May 25, 2006.

  1. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Zip'r 3 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter $589.00 and free shipping.not bad at all. It will come apart in 4 pieces, to fit in trunk and heaviest piece is 29 lbs. Seat will even turn sideways to eat at a table or get out easily.
    Lots of good things about it. I want it in blue.

    I have not been in the Mall for sometime as I can not get around. Some stores I can do okay, with a shopping cart, others I can not at all.

    I have CFIDS/FIBRO etc. arms and all are so bad that I could never use a cane. Ankles give out easily, leg and hip pain, back pain. Not complaining. I just want others to think about themselfs and these scooters, even if you use ones that belongs to a store. PLEASE USE THEM. Try it once at least!

    I was like others. Someone else will need it more than myself. I do not want people to stare at me and all the other excuses. I also did not want to "give in" to this illness, I felt I should keep pushing myself.

    Guess what? It only made me worse. My DH could not talk me into trying them. One day I got inside the store and all of a sudden I could not walk and was so weak. I sat down at a bench.I was almost in tears. i asked for the cart and found it to be amazing to handle. Some stores does not have as good of ones, but most are nice.

    I found that I had energy to go to another store afterwards. I was rested from my ride. I am no longer self concious about it. I have even learned to ask for help when I need it! Stores will even take your merchandise out to your car, not just your grocery stores.

    We have earned this. ALso I have more energy for my loved ones. My stubborness was robbing them.

    DH said that I could get another one later if we need a better one. I like so many features on this one and the price. I hope i am not disappointed. Susan
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    That's great! Congratulations!!! I am happy for you.
    I agree that getting help is not giving in to this dd but fighting back against since we are able to do/accomplish more.

    Blue is a great colour choice...I hope you are as pleased as you are excited :)
  3. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Thanks for the support on this.

    We had looked at them before, scooters, but many I would not be able to use byself or with a help of a friend when hubby was not with me. I am speaking of transporting and unloading one.

    I hate car/van payments and did not want to buy another just for this. Maybe in time, just not now. So I did not make a move on getting one.

    This one I just paid cash for and the heaviest part is only 29 lbs. I will let everyone know how it goes.

    Anyone who thinks "we make up our illness" or gives into it just do not know the struggle we go through to be normal and the fact that we do not accept using aids very easily shows that we do not look at ourselves as disabled, even though we are. Yes, there is people worse off and I count my blessings, but I know we need to make life easier for ourselves were we can and to accept help from others. That was hard for me. I have learned.

    Blessings to all............Susan
  4. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    to try a scooter. Ive never liked to have any attention on me and the thought of trying to grocery shop in one scares me. First of all, the buggy is not big enough for me to get all of the groceries I need since I can only go once every 2 weeks or so.

    How do you get stuff on the top shelves? I know Im getting worse and it will be next. It hurts my hand soo much with the cane, but my balance is off now and I cant afford to fall.

    Thank you for encouraging me. Maybe I will try one on a morning when not many people are in the store.

  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I can walk some in stores. When I need to get something from a tall shelf or look at something I get from my seat........I stand up and do what I want and go back to the scooter, sit and go on..........LOL...

    That has to make a great impression with some people! I also ask for help. Like "Excuse me Sir/Mam, would you be kind enough to get the large can of XYZ coffee from the shelf for me"? Etc. People love to help. Really.

    I do not use a scooter at my regular grocery store. But when I shop at a superstore, I have to use one. There is no way I can shop in larger stores. My DH is always with me at the superstores. But we have marveled at the way folks pack their cart baskets. They are clever. I think you learn with time. Some even gets cans and bottle of drinks and arrange them around the rim of the basket, with part of it hanging over (Ones with plastic holders around the tops.

    Maybe go through half of the store and go through the check out and then go back and finish? I know that store employees will help in many ways. Even take out your groceries and put them in your car. Or hardware places, clothing places, etc. will do this if they have enough employees.

    I wonder if a employee would empty your cart into a regular cart and they would keep it until you return with a second load? Then check out. I do not think it would be a big deal. They can also take the groceries to your car.

    Have you seen those ;arge bags to keep frozen/cold foods in?
    They cost a few dollars. They really work. So that also gives you time. Sometimes I ask that my refrigerator and freezer things be kept together in bags. That way I do not have to unload the whole thing at one time when I get home. Just take care of the persihables and get canned, soaps, etc. a little later.

    Your idea of going in a off hour is a good one. Please try it. Do it a few times and take time maybe to talk to a manager or employee on your problems in shopping and see what they might offer.

    Remember, when you could....you did it. When you could help others......you did it. It also can give others a good feeling in helping you. Do not deny or refuse or not ask for help.......just give them smiles and thanks.

    Anyone else with ideas on this? Susan
  6. thepkk

    thepkk Guest

    Top shelfs are a pain in stores, but you would be suprised how many people will help if you just ask. Now is not the time to be full of pride. I am alone and have to do as much for myself as possible. (My son's are sick of me)lol If you stack your food just right it is amazing how much you can get in them. Keep us posted on that new scooter I have a heavy one and can only use around here, but I live next to the mall, but still would like to flea market and things that take alot of walking. Have a van, but can't afford the lift. So only way I can move it anywhere is with son's help so I would like something lighter so I can be even more on my own.
  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Actually most are indifferent and pays no attention. Only the small children stare and you can tell that they would love to ride on it! Give them a wink or a smile. Best attention we can get is from tiny ones. I am not treated differently or stared at.

    I am only 5 ft. tall anyjow, so have the problem of reaching for many years. I have long gripping tongs at home, one in the kitchen and one in my office closet. I keep boxes of Kleenex, storage bags and such on the higher shelves, easy to get with the tongs.

    I also have some very very long tongs, kitchen type, metal ones that I love. We use them for BBQing at times. I get many things off shelf with them also. Great for reaching for something that fell behind the couch and so forth.

    I no longer climb for things. That is dangerous. I used to be able to climb around like a monkey.......too unsteady now.

    Best thing we can do for ourselves is to gain any freedom we can. It feels good. Blessings Susan

  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am happy for you! Please let us know how it works out for you. Especially if you can take it apart and put it in your car yourself.

    I have bought everything I can think of to help me go someplace by myself and have not found the "perfect" thing yet.

    I ride the electric scooters in the stores that have them, and love them. Most of the time, my daughter takes me to the SuperWal-Mart's around here to do my grocery shopping, etc. She pushes her buggy and pulls one for me, and I also fill up the little basket on the scooter.

    You mentioned ... "I wonder if a employee would empty your cart into a regular cart and they would keep it until you return with a second load? Then check out. I do not think it would be a big deal. They can also take the groceries to your car." The answer is YES. When I have had to go by myself, this is how I do it and they don't mind at all. They keep my cart that I am filling up right at the front of the store by their "customer service" stand.

  9. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Thanks for the info. That i helpful to know. I know that myself would not mind, if I was an employee. I always liked to help others.

    We should thank the stores that go out of their way to help and assist also by having carts. We should write notes and also verbally complain to the stores that do not do these things.

    On this scooter, the heaviest part is 29 lbs. But you do need to lift straight up and then out of the trunk. I am thinking that if this is difficult, to making a small ramp.....where I can pull that part right up the board. When at the top I could lift it then out of the trunk to the ground. Mmmmm, maybe back seat (floor) of car would work easy also.

    When I get it and get to experiment, I will let all know.

  10. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    I LOVE my scooter and am very happy for you and anyone else who joins our "club." I too, kept finding reasons not to get one but I finally gave in. Actually my pain management Doc was instrumental in helping get coverage from Medicare and our supplement. Now I have to figure out what would help more----a lift (costs so much) or a ramp.
    Anyway, using my scooter has reopened my world. I can get outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather and experience seeing what I have been missing. So good for depression, etc.
    If at all possible I would recommend getting a scooter or another type of navigation. Best thing you can do for yourself. Thank you much for your post,
  11. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    I took my first ride in one at KMART today, and am looking into getting one. I can only walk very short distances, but not to the mailbox outside, to the park, or in stores.
    Is there a website that has a photo of your scooter?
    My doctor is putting in a request to my insurance company, but I suspect there is no way they will cover the cost.
    Yours sounds like a very reasonable price.
  12. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I was just browsing Ebay when I found my scooter. I was not planning on getting one, just looking. LOL. I liked all the details with the price......I had to buy it.

    I used the name of the scooter and also checked by googling.But there is a warranty with it, even though I am going through EBay.

    So go to Ebay.....enter electric scooters (plural makes a difference)......see the large selection. I am getting mine from "handpicked4you"....that is the sellers name they used.
    They have 100% good feedback, all that has bought from them are pleased. Read all about this scooter when you select to look at theirs. Good info. See what others has to say on this scooter.

    Reminder it is: Zip'r 3 Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter $589.00 and free shipping. Sold by Handpicked4you.

    They also have another site: www.portable-mobility.com, I would recommend using this site.

    They are a delightful couple, excellent in answering any questions and all. A real delight. I feel comfortable with them and that is a plus as I have a tendency to be cynic with dealings.

    Ebay backs up and would assist if any problems. Do not be afraid to buy there. This seller takes payment through PayPal (where you registered any credit card) or money order or cashier checks and sends them to us right away!
    Comes in Blue or red...and both are vibrant colors, you can see them on the site. Sharp.

    My cars do not get bumper stickers on it or anything dangling, etc. But I plan on having fun with this scooter.
    If people see that we are fun and accept that we must use such, well it makes the world so much nicer.

    Let me know what you think after reading on it........Susan
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  13. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Also on http://www.portable-mobility.com/

    read the testimonials and all.....you will see why I am excited. I do not get like this when buying a new car! Maybe it is because I can reclaim some of what I had of my life.

    My grown sons are having fun thinking of various bumper stickers and such for it already. We had a cook out today and it was nice to have them with me. also DH did all the cooking and all....bless him! I had scared him earlier in the day when I awoke with muscle contactions and cramps, I woke up screaming and yelling! Poor guy.

  14. Jackie41

    Jackie41 Member

    My legs aren't weak enough that I need a scooter, but they were weak enough to affect my social life, because I was afraid to go anywhee with friends if it meant a lot of walking. I didn't want the hassle of getting a scooter in and out of a car if I could help it. A cane didn't seem to provide any support at all. The thing that helped me was to get a pair of forearm crutches. I've been on them for almost 5 years now, part time at first, then gradually transitioning to full time use. Now I can go anywhere I want with friends and not have to worry about having to sit down and rest all the time.

    My point is not whether someone should use a scooter or crutches, but just that its wrong to think that using some sort of walking aid is "giving in." Before I got my crutches was when I was giving in by not doing the things I wanted to do. I am less handicapped walking on crutches than I would be if I tried to get rid of them--which I probably couldn't do anymore if I wanted to.


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