I am getting madder.....and madder.....and madder

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    Hi Guys, i have such a rage in me right now, that if i had my doctors in front of me i would grab hold of their gonads and just RIP them off and tell them to just LIVE WITH THE PAIN BUD!!!!!!!!! I was up at 1am, 1:30am till 3:45am then 5am. The bottoms of my feet hurt so bad, they felt like ti had run barefooted over gravel for hours, my legs have been very very weak this weekend and of course the deep aching pain in my calf muscles have really been raising hell. All i have to take is the neurontin they increased to 1800mg daily. THATS IT!!!! I go back the 29th of this month and i will NOT be leaving there without pain relief in my hand (if i can hold it). My doc here at first tried the duragesic patch, but it gave me a horrible headache and nausea, then 10mg oxycontin every 12 hours. I could only take 1 every 24 hours cause it did the same thing. Then he found these doc in Ft. Worth 2 1/2 hours away, and so far only the neurontin. I would like for just 1 hour, hell 30 min. for my husband to be able to look into my eyes and NOT see a lot of pain. I want that for him, because he has been my salvation through this unfunished ride of hell. It would give him also a little relief as he has to carry on for both of us. I had to vent, i am sorry if i whine, but i am not sorry for what i want to do to the doctors!!! So glad you guys are here, as i am still new ( started in june with prob). Thank You, Rose Morgan
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    So sorry you are suffering so much. Since your first dr. did try you on some pain medication, why not go back and have him try you on something else...lortab, percoset, mscontin, to name a few. Perhaps you will not be as sensitive to another medication. Did you perhaps do too much the day before all your pain. I have learned what I can and cannot do and this makes all the difference in how I feel. I know if I overdo I will hurt. I can't expect to feel painfree if I am on my feet too much doing things around the house. Of course, there are times when things must be done but I am lucky enough to have a husband that helps me a lot. Then there are times that I hurt if I do nothing at all, but I find those times are less if I watch myself. Hope you are feeling better soon. Try soaking in a hot bath. It is the first thing I do in the morning to get myself moving. If I hurt at night, I am in there again. I'm sure you will find something that works for you soon. Toots
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    Dear Rose....Hi I'm Vicque. I'm sorry to hear what's going on with your pain. Before I found the right doctor, I too was madder than fire. Even being a nurse they treated me like I was crazy, or drug seeking. If you have a printer, look on this message board about people asking about pain meds. Usually you'll see a high response, and alot of good advice. SHOW THIS TO YOUR DOCTOR! I take Tylox, every few months, my doctor switches me back to Lortab, because of the tolerance we build up on pain meds. I have just started taking Nuerontin recently, can tell some small good benefits from it. I am at 600mg a day at present. I know the dosage can go much higher. Knowledge is power as they say. Be straight forward with him, show him print outs, and if he continues to deny you pain meds, drop him!!! There are good doctors out there you just have to look a little harder at times, but in the long run it is worth it. If you didn't see my post on the message board about my book I'm writing, I would appreciate your insight to it...Peace and Hope to hear your pain is eased soon.....Vicque
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    Hi Rose

    Sorry you are suffering so much and we know what you are going through. My doctor just gave me a new pain medication call Avinza. My husband and I drove to Killen Texas for the holiday's and I took one as we were leaving Califorina and was able to make the trip with very little pain. You might want to talk to your doctor about it, it is pretty strong stuff.

    Hang in there....
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    Believe me, I've had that intense hatred of doctors. I wished I was a witch doctor who could put the mojo on them! But, in order to heal, you've got to somehow let go of that hatred. It's not easy, and I'm still working on it, but I think we really need to do it. Jo Ellen
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    I know the frustration you are feeling

    I went to a headache speciaist once who was pretty well know in the headache treatment circles on the east coast. His visits with you lasted about 2-3 minutes tops, all meds he gave were preventative type meds (antidepressants, etc. which had a ton of side effects). One day I got a migraine on the day I was there and he talked me into getting some IV treatment (non narcartic of course), couldn't drive for 24 hours after so my husband had to leave work and drive an hour to come get me. The icing on the cake was when doctor crazy (or maybe I was the crazy one for still going there), told me to stop my current meds so that I could start a new one, didn't give me any instructions for weaning off. and I wound up in the ER with a sky high BP, i'm lucky i didn't stroke out. It finally occurred to me that some of his treatment was research for his next medical journal so thank god i stopped going there.

    After that I started with mild fibro symptoms, was always feeling guilty that i was asking for something for pain, got into an argument with my primary (who is a wonderful man)when he said something like "you probably have fibro, go home and relax and read a book to feel better". The next visit, the doctor came out in the waiting room and apolgized for getting me so upset, asked me if I wanted to see another doctor in his practice. I almost fell off my chair! Of course, I stuck with this doc who could humble himself like that, he sent me to a pain specialist.

    Guess what! The pain specialist didn't mind prescribing meds! The pain specialist wanted to know why I was having foot pain (top of feet, but terrible pain)! Turned out I also have a bad disc, which did respond to neurontin and physical therapy, but I also had pain meds (ultram) to take.

    It's awfully hard to try to get better when you have that horrible pain. And my search for pain relief led me through a little sort of hell, but I guess that's what I had to do. Bad news is, the pain is still there, but much more controllable with meds, diet, and gentle stretches.

    You are lucky to have a supportive husband. As someone else responded to you, take some info from this board to use for your next doctor appointment. And, not all doctors are willing to prescribe pain meds. Our country is very scizophrenic, pain is the 5th vital sign but don't ask for too many pain med prescriptions or your doc may get into trouble.

    I don't know why your doc referred you to the doc in Ft. Worth, but maybe that is not the doc for you (as per my story about the headache specialist). Maybe you can tell your primary that you are not getting better with the treatment from the Ft Worth doc. Ask for something to help you sleep. Good luck, and hang in there!
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    Hi, Rose, so Sorry you're in so much pain, I just took a Darvocet and it doesn't touch it, and I'm going CRAZY.....Just a thought on your foot pain...In the beginning of this he**, I got Plantar Fascitis, which is a tightening of the fascia of the bottom of the foot muscles. Please go to a Pediatrition to rule this out. Personal Shoe Inserts, and good walking shoes will HEAL IT!!! GOD BLESS! Hope this helps! Fibromiester