I am getting the imptession that I am not alone in having

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    AS I have been reading the posts today I have found out that I am not alone in having pain pills go missing, and misplacing my xanax when I know that it was by my bed.

    I found out the hard way and it cost me many pain pills and my xanax. I have had painc attacks for 16 yrs now. And in the early part of this my sister would come over always on the day I had my meds filled and she would ask to use the bathroom and then come back upstairs and get the girls and leave.

    I would go downstairs to my bed room and all the pills I had were not where I had put them and my xanax that I had just filled were missing half of this perscription I had just filled. I was so upset and sat there and cried. I called my sister who told me that SHE would NEVER DO THIS TO ME. It must be some one else.
    But who as she was the only person that had been with me that day.

    IN later years when I had not yet learned of the reasons I am in pain .This same sister would come to me and ask if she could borrow 6-12 pain pills and when she went to her doctor a month away from when she was asking me for my meds she would "PAY ME BACK" I said NO! and I would find that I had pills missing and that it made it look like I was really taking far more pills than I really was taking.

    When I started seeing my pain doctor and knew that every month I would now be able to get my meds that I need for all the chronic pain and fibro that I have, I bought a makeup bag that has zippers on it. They each have a hole in the center of the zipper tab. I put a lock on this bag , just put it through both tabs and locked it up.
    And then I put it away in a place where she could not find it. Most of the time I would put my meds still locked up in my husbands den.HE kept his guns in there so the room was always locked too.

    ONe day she came and asked the same old question of can I have some of you MSCONtin I can't get my OXYContin filled for another two weeks and I need something now. So can I have 15 pills of yours. I was so angry that she would put me in a postion like that. I told her that I would NOT ever give her any medication , and I added that I was worried that When/ if she OD'ed and the EMS was called my necies would tell them that OH MY MOMMY GOT THE PILLS FROM MY AUNTIE. And I would go to jail for dispensing narcitics with out a lience. And as much as I love her she was not worth going to jail for..

    Yes this really pissed her off at me and she still tried to get my pain meds . AS she would send the kids to the bathroom and then they would yell that they needed her so she would go to my bedroom where I had kept my pills and they were not there.

    I think she thought I would not know that she had been in my room but when I went to my bedroom all my things had been gone through and messed things up so I knew that she was hunting for the pain pills.The last time she asked me for my pain meds I told her if that was the only reason she was comming to see me then not to bother comming over. I had watched her over dose on her own meds and alochol so I didn't want to be the one that was could be respondsible for her death.

    It was so hard to do to tell my sister to not come over if all she wanted was my pain meds. I need them and if she needed some then she should contact her doctor for them instead of begging me for them. She was so angry at me for saying this to her.

    I also went on to tell her that I had proof that she had taken pain meds from me, and my daughters. AS she had done this in the pressance of my middle daughter and taken her pain meds { she had just had her tonsils out and my sister put the botttle of liqued tyeloyl with codine in her pocket and my daughter saw her do this }

    Things were said that were really painfull but I was not going to let her take my pain pills when I have to sign a paper that says I can get 1 m onths of my meds adn I can't ask a early refill unless I had a darn good reason Deaath in family , car accident, some thing that I had proof of a reason that i needed more than normal. I can get my pain meds every 28 days and no sooner.

    I have never been so betrayed by some one that I loved and this was so bad that I still hurt and am in pain from knowing that my own sister would steal my pain pills and was letting me get accused of being a drug seeker as I was always usuing more than the nromal amount for having head aches.

    This started when I fist started having head ache and cramps and I would have to call the doctor or see him to get a script of 30 T3's and I was told that they had better last me a month. And when they didn't and I was in so much pain I would have to beg the doctor to give me more and I sometimes would get 10 more pills with the script that said take 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours and they don't last very long that way.

    She does not talk to me these days and I miss my sister. But even family is not worth my spending time in jail becasue they won't go to the doctor for themselves of the doctors won't prescribe pain meds for them. I am not paying that kind of price for anyone . NOT EVEN MY FAMILY!

    I don't know who many of you have had this kind of experence but it is still painful for me to discuss. I want my sister to know why I would not and will not give her the pain pills but she thinks that I just don't care about her any more. There have been 3 or 4 times when she has been so out of it & we didn't know what was wrong with her .

    It was hard to see my sister so out of it from taking a soma or two or who knows how many she took and what she took it with. But we took care of her and it seemed just when we thought that it was time to call for help she would snap out of it and be angry for us accusing her of takeing to many pills. This has happened many times and she has always been lucky and pulled through. Most of the time we didn't know that she was taking to much or taking the pills with alochol it was only when the kids my neices would get scared and call that we found out what was going on. WE tried to get her some help and she would not ever go.

    I used to feel guilty for taking pain pills as I had thought that there must be some thing wrong with me to have bad head aches , cramps , legs that ached and pain all over my body and I didn't know why and no one could always be in pain. Could they? Was that possiable for me to always be in so much pain that when I was asked to put a number on it , I would say it was a 10. But I know different know and I still hurt but it is getting undercontrol . Yes I still flare up and hurt more than normal. But at least I know why now

    Don't let this happen to you. Don't tell family, friends when you are picking up your medications, & when you get home put them in a locked box and put them in a place where they won't be easily found. For me because I have had this happen so often I now keep 1 days worth of pills with me at all times so that I can have my meds when I need them. And I know that the rest are locked up and no one can get to them.

    It is so painful to have family angry with you because you won't share your pain pills with them. It took me a long time to figure it out that my little sister was stealing my narcotic pain pills from me and I had a hard time believeing that she would do this to me. But when confronted she would always deny this. But as i said I now have proof of what she did to me. It still hurts to know that your own sister would hurt you like this and even make it look like your taking to much of the pain meds you have been given. Don't let family or friends or any one for that matter do this to you. It has caused many problems for me from this .

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    Keep doing what you are doing now. Keep the med's locked up. Tell your sister the Dr has weaned you off the pain med's. This way she will stop asking you for them and stop looking in the house for them.

    This is you sister and you want the best for her. But sometimes tough love is needed while you wait for her to get help.

    I am so sorry you are going thru this with her. I am sure you wish that she could turn around and get help. I will pray for you and her tonight.

    I can tell by your post how much you truly love her. I am sure she truly loves you, but is unable to show it right now.

    I too have cut off my relations with my little sis too, for the same reasons you have, I have had my sister beg me for med's. It got to the point I couldn't trust her in the house and put my medicine in a locked box.

    I am now on the Fentyal patch, it is working great. No more pills to take. And best of all my sister cant ask for them either.

    Your letter could have been a letter that I would have typed as there were so many similarities.

    Good Luck, Be Safe
    God Bless,
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    Dear Rosemarie,
    I'm sure that there are many of us out here who can identify with your story. It's very sad and I am sorry for what has happened to you. Your Sister needs help but as you know she has to want it.

    My niece came to visit one day and I forgot she even knew I was on pain pills. After we visited for awhile she excused herself and went into the bathroom. There she found my bottle of pills. I thought I had no reason to hide them. But, addicts are not themselves. The drugs change them and they feel desperate. Later that evening I went to take my pills and most of them were gone. Couldn't believe that she would do this to me. We had been so very close but I knew what she had done.

    I was so surprised when I called for a refill and they turned me down. They said I was taking too much of the medication and I had to call my Doc. He was away so in order to get more I had to pay for them-----$347.00 for one month. Then I got on the phone and let my niece know what she had done. She cried and was sorry, etc., etc. The damage was done and I can never trust her again. Furthermore she has no job or money. I had no way of being repaid.

    That was a few years ago, but when something like that happens you just can't forget it. Very sad.

    I guess we have to put this behind us now and see it as a cruel learning experience. I'm very happy that you wrote about this because I think others can be helped by reading this and will take extra pains to be very careful.

    I hope you are having a good day today with very little or no pain.

    I wish you the very best and hope others will heed your advice,
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    She has had a history of back pains and just to be safe, I lock them up and my Xanax in my computer drawer and put the keys in my pocket. I'm usually in here when she vacuums, but sometimes I need to use the bathroom.

    Not that I don't trust her. Most times I leave them out. Son can't take them, he prefers Tramadol. Husband dislikes Lortabs too. So the only person I really need to worry about is my cleaning girl.

    At one time pills were left on the kitchen table and I think some in the bottle were missing, but I can't prove it.

    It's sad we have to do this, but that is the way of the world now.

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    I know how you feel. It must have been so hard for you to say no to your sister, but you absolutely did the right thing. It is so terrible when someone close to you steals your medication. At first you don't want to believe it is happening so you doubt yourself (even though deep inside you know the truth). Plus people who are addicted to drugs are so clever. They lie and turn things around so that you appear to be wrong. They play on the fact that we have memory problems.

    It has been painful for me to read your post and the posts of others who have had this experience. I had no idea that it was so prevalent. It has taken me a long time and many, many prayers to forgive and heal my heart from the experience I had.

    This is a good topic of discussion. It may help others who are having the same problem and it may cause others to be more vigilant.


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