I am going to a healing Mass tonight

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  1. pepper

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    I am not sure how I feel about these things but I was encouraged to attend this Mass because Father Fernando Suarez is going to be there and he has supposedly had many "healings".

    I am exhausted and don't feel like going and sitting in a church for 2 hours but feel that I can't pass up this opportunity.

    Wish me luck!
  2. Asatrump

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    I am not sure either, but God does work miracles. May He be with you.
  3. kgangel

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    You will have to let us know how it goes.

    I bet you will feel sooooo much better after going

    I am hoping and praying you will

    God Bless
  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    We were in the church for almost 5 hours. Luckily I brought my pillows for my back. The energy in that church was palpable. My DH felt it as positive energy. I was on the verge of tears the entire time and I don't know why.

    Even though it was held in a Catholic church, there were Christians of all denominations there as well as Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Hindus. They were all welcomed by the priest and invited up for a blessing at Holy Communion because we all share the same God. I liked that.

    The mass was followed by the overflow crowd going up to Father Fernando for individual blessings. He asked many people what they were praying to be healed from. When it was our turn, he asked my DH what he wanted and DH said that he wanted me to be healed. He hugged us close together and said "You love each other very much. Lets pray together" My knees became very weak but I didn't fall like so many others.

    I really didn't understand the hundreds of people falling right back onto the ground! (They had "catchers" to break their falls) A young woman in front of us fell and seemed to be sleeping peacefully for several minutes. Then various muscles started twitching all over her body. It was strange.

    Many people went up to the mike and told of healings of deafness or back pain or frozen shoulders. Sadly I was not one of them. And I wonder how those people are feeling today.

    Father Fernando is obviously a wonderful man. I think if an angel had a human face, he would look just like him. His smile is compelling and he looks like the embodiment of all that is good. He made me a believer.

    He made it clear that he does not heal, God heals. For some reason God uses his hands to heal. If we are open to it, we will be healed - maybe not the way we want but the way God wants.

    There were so many very sick people there, in wheelchairs and wheeled beds, so many sick children, that I found myself asking God to heal them, not me. Maybe that was stupid!

    I am not healed - yet - sometimes it takes awhile. The only difference is that I do not have that constant knot of anxiety in my chest that I have pretty well all the time and constantly for the past 3 months.

    Maybe my faith isn't strong enough to be healed. Who knows?

    At any rate, I am glad that we went. We both feel that it was a wonderful experience.


  5. kgangel

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    HI Pepper

    You sound a little bit like me when you said maybe my faith is not strong enough to be healed and that you found yourself praying for the other people around you in wheel chairs and others.

    I don't know why we feel that we are not faithful enough to be healed, but sometimes we just are not healed from what we have for some reason. We may not ever know the reason, but we may be helping people we meet and not even know we are encouraging them by how we get through every day with pain and how we continue to praise God even when we are in pain.

    Of course you wanted other people to be healed as well, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Seeing people that are in pain and not able to walk always makes me feel sad and wish there was something I could do and pray is a good thing.

    I would say that even if all you got from the healing mass was relief from the knot in your chest from anexity, that that is something and it sounds like you got a great deal of peace while you were there that helped you through your anexity, I am so glad for you that you were able to get that.

    Try not to be hard on your self, God is with you everywhere you go and if you are not healed and you may not ever be, I don't know, he will still be with you, holding you and helping you through bad times and giving you strength to be a inspiration to others

    God bless you



    Thanks for letting us know how it went.

  6. pepper

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    That knot of anxiety is still gone.

    My DH has been extra loving. I think it was good to remind ourselves that what we live with (and these DD's certainly affect the entire family) is minor compared to what some others live with.

    And the prayer over both of us together I felt was very healing of our relationship.

    So perhaps that is the healing that we are getting. I will take it for now.

    Maybe as a sick person I will somehow inspire other people. We don't get to know that, do we, kangel?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I forgot! One wonderful thing was as we were waiting our turn to go up for our blessing - over 4 hours after we got there, I was exhausted! - a young woman behind us tapped me on the shoulder and wished me good luck.

    She said that she was praying for me and hoped that I was healed. I did not know this woman and have no idea why she said that to me but I was very very touched. I told her that I would pray for her too and I did.

    Don't you just love to witness goodness in strangers?
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