I am going to be a grandma again in August

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    I am so happy now that I can share with you that my oldest daughter is expecting her 1st baby in august.She and her hubby came to us the day after christmas and said that they were going to tell us that she was pregnant but she was spotting and had been to the OB who told her that she was possiabley misscarring.

    That was at 8 weeks. She was told to wait 2 weeks and she should have more cramps and more signs of misscarraige but strangely she didn't have the signs she had been told she would have.

    She went in to the doctor two weeks later and there was a heart beat a flutter. She was still cramping but not bleeding. And she had morning sickness so bad that she never did stop throwing up all while she was told that she was going to lost the baby.

    Now she is just about 20 weeks along and is going to see the doctor next week and have the ultrasound to see if she is having a boy or girl. AT this point the ultrasound showed everything was female no little boy parts. Her doctor said that he is 80% sure that she is haivng a girl.That is what she really wants to have.

    she had a step son who is 9 years old and he is excited to have a baby sister.

    This daughter has told me that she was never going to have a baby and if she did I would not be able to baby sit it as long as I was taking pain meds. Yet she told me that she is plainning to go back to work at 6 weeks after the baby and she said that I would be baby sitting the baby and my 79 year old mother is going to baby sit also. That one I don't think will happen.

    Mom just can't move very well or lift much and has no crip in her hands. She is so shakey that I don't think she is going to feel comfortable with tending a new born. And who knows how she will be feeling in august when she is 80. The baby is due around mom's birthday on August 6th.

    It has been an exciting week end last weekend , My middle daughter had been telling me that she was getting married on saturday. She was married last sat.

    It was so pretty. Her friends adn family all helped her find a place to hold the wedding and a family friend did all the decorations for the wedding, another did the refreshments for it. MY meighboor Marc is a minester he married them and it was so nice . HE did very well . For a wedding that was so be just family and small there were so many family membeers there.

    MY cousins were there from CAnada, My hubby's family all showed up, as did my brother adn his family, my neices came but my sister and her other person did not come. It was so nice and lots of fun. My daughter looked to pretty in her gown she was scared that her bare shoulders were too much so mom made her a pink jacket to help cover her up a bit.

    But when she was sitting down with my grandkids sitting on her lap and beside her , she was over flowing in certian spots. But it didn't matter as she looked so pretty and i love this new SIL he is so help ful and is willing to take me to town any time of the day. HE is so helpfull to my husband.
    It was a happy day for us all. There are so many pitcures that I wish I knew how to let you see them but i don't know hwo to do that.

    I jsut wanted you to know that I am feeling better and life keeps me moving forwards to look ahead to all the new things that are good in my life.
    Thanks for letting me share this with you.
    Love ya,Rosemarie
    STill can't believe that in one year I wil have had two grandbabies. AT this time it looks like they both wil be girls. I am so so happy about this new. HUGS
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    Being a Grandma rocks!:)

    My first and only Grandson just turned one the end of Feb....I love him so much it hurts!:)

    I just can't imagine loving another Grandchild as much as I love him.....but Iam sure when that time comes I certainly will love another one.

    Grandbabies are like the frosting on the cake and I absolutely love being a Grandma!

    Congratulations to you Rosemarie...now you have two to love!

    Iam so happy for you....keep us posted on how she is doing and when you find out what it is :)

    Iam so happy that everything is ok with the pregnancy...that can be so scary!


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    HI Rosemarie

    My daughter is expectiting my FIRST grandchild in August also ,she has been having the same problems as your daughter has ,Spotting etc>
    She will be 37 when the baby is born and as she is my only child ,I am trying everything that I know to try and improve my own health ,as I want to be there for her / them .
    I had given up thinking that I was ever going to be a granma ..It will be the first grandchild on both sides of the falily as they are both only children .
    Brenda UK
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    I am so excited to be come a grandma again. I may not feel so great but just knowing that my grandbabies care comming to see me always makes me perkup nad try to get more rest and swo that I cna play with them more.

    MY oldest is like I said expecting her first baby { a girl maybe} ultrasound was a bit too soon She has a step son that is 9 yrs.old so she would like a baby girl.

    My oldest is 29 yrs old and she is starting to look pregnant. AT my middle daughters wedding last weekend one of my neices's said that she didn't know that this daughter was expecting but when she saw her she thought that she was or that she was gainning wieght in a strange place.
    My middle daughter has been married a week tomorrow so she wants to wait for a while before she has babies. And that is just fine with me.

    My youngest daughter has two babies. AS her oldest will be 2 lager on this month. HE is so funny and sweet. Last weekend after he had been put to bed and my daughter was feeding the newest baby {she had a baby girl now 2 months old} Braxton came out of the bedroom and holding out his hands crying , so I lifted him up and he laid his head on my shoulder and was out like a light.

    It was so cute and his little arms were just wrappedaround my neck. I said good night to him and he made a kissing noice at me. So I guess that it was my good night kiss.

    For someone who is so young he has accepted being the big brother with out to much jelousey. HE does like to climb on mommies lab while she is feeding the baby. It is a juggling act to be nurseing a baby and holding a 2 year old at the same time when they both want to be up close to her. But she does it well.

    She had her second baby on Jan 8th,2007 so this sweet baby is just 2 months old and has grown so much in such a short time. She weighed in at 6-15 ar birth and had looked so tiny. Now she weighs about 10 lbs and has the cutest rols around her legs and arms.

    She is so sweet and is such a good baby. She does not like being clod and will let you know this quickly.. She does love to be swaddled tight and will lay on your chest for hours at a time.
    I am so happy to have these sweet babies in my life. As they make me strive to work harder at keeping my house cleaner and to be a better grandma sho does not sleep all the time. I Love my daugthers so much adn I am happy for all of them as they haev good husbands .
    I still find it hard to believe htat I will have had 2 granddaughters in one year. {That is if the oldestss ones is really a girl.} WE will konw in two weeks if that is right..
    Thanks for all the good wishes and love.

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