I am going to pay for a day out

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    Sunday was my 29th wedding Annervsary, we went to a family rondevous and it was so much fun. All my girls &SIL's and the grandbabies came and they played nice. The problem is that the get together was in a hayfield that was lumpy , bumpy and I don't walk steady. But getting to see all the friends was great.

    I got to watch my 4 yr old grandson make a friend. Braxton is usually running around , yelling , just being a little boy, he made truck noice's before saying Ma ma. Any way he went up to this boy and started to do karate kicks yelling HiYA. the boy had a plastic baseball bat but started to kick at Braxton and dropped the bat. They never once hurt each other , I went over and told the boy's mom what his name was as Braxton has some speech problems and they could not understand him. I told Braxton that his friend was Connor, Braxton said it and Conner did not think it was said right as he looked at Braxton and said MY NAME IS CONNOR. Braxton tried to say it right but soon it did n't matter.

    When it came time for the grown up things the boys sat in chairs side by side and talked , went with the dad to get some treats and were so good together.
    Kari On the other hand was too busy running and yelling No! And Jaden was playing with the boys for a while and then he went to his mommy and was wrapped up and was all cozy.

    We went to get in the truck, it is my daughter's truck a big 4x4 and I was trying to climb in on the left hand side but no matter how hard I tried to get in I could not. I can't grip very well with my left hand. I must have smacked my right leg on the side of the truck several times and it really hurt, I finally made it in to the truck and was about it tears because it hurt so much. By the time we got home { it was held 1 1/2 hours from home} I had a huge bruise on my leg and todayt it is black and blue , very tender to the touch and just plan throbs.
    I had a nice relaxing tub tonight with epsom salts and hope that it will help the pain to ease a bit.
    My brain is having issue's I was to pick up my written scripts last Friday and I spaced it off till 7 pm that night and when I talked to my Doctor he was on his way out of town for the long weekend and was not willing to go to the office and let me get my scripts . Thankfully I try to keep a few days extra of all my meds so that in an emergancy I won't run out. I had enough to get me thru till today. I knew I needed to do some thing on friday but since the city was still working on the curb and gutter in front of my house, block , street, I just spaced it off, I have struggled to get across the street to get my car at times as they have had huge piles of rocks, piles of old road that had been dug up. There was so many big trucks daily that it was hard to just cross the street . So I have written me a note to go and pick up the scripts ASAP.

    Well my and my achey body are going to try and go to bed, hope that the darn water bed does not leak all over my hubby again, LIfe is getting tough here as my hubby has been out of work for almost 6 months and is on unemployment that pays 80% of his salary. We are going to be in deep trouble if he does not find a job that pays well soon, we have a high house payment that takes two checks to pay it and I struggle with having no script coverage so my meds cost me almost $150.00 a month for the 5 scripts I have.

    IF I have to go to the doctor it can cost me any where from $5.00 to $25.00 and I can't afford any more scripts, I need to have some blood work done and the hospital screwed it up the last time so I am worried about it, and one of the tests is to check my cholestrol. I was on meds for it but they made my legs, muscles, hips thighs ache so badly that I was not albe to walk or work. I am struggleing iwth this fasting for 12 hours as I have to take my pain meds in the am with food as they are strong narocitcs so I don't fast long enough.
    Sorry about all the whining. I Know that life is tough all over. Please pray for my hubby htat he will be able to find a good paying job with good insurance ,script coverage, dental coverage and vision. I don't ask for much do I? Thanks for listening to me complain.
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    Hi there! It sounds like you have had a rough time lately and I hope things get better for you. I understand about paying for a day of a little bit of pleasure! I am sorry to hear that your husband hasn't found a job yet...hopefully he will and things will get a little better for you.
    I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best! :) M
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    I'm sorry you're "paying for it", but it sounds like the kids had a great time and you got to be part of it!! That part is absolutely wonderful!

    I've learned to just say no to somethings, but other things are worth the pain afterwards. I spent 4 days with my Mom recently knowing full well that it would (and DID) take me 5 days to make up for it. I'd do it all over again.

    I can totally relate to the husband being unemployed. It's been over a year for us. Talk about stress! The old saying of "taking one day at a time" sure comes into play now.

    I hope that you feel better soon, but did enjoy your day out with the Grandkids, had fun watching them be KIDS, experiencing their little personalities etc.
    Take extra care of yourself while you're paying for your day out. I vote for extra pampering - lots of extra rest, a cup of good tea, a cozy blanket and anything else that comforts you!


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