I am going to pay for this tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

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    I went to put flowers on my dad's grave and being the phyically challanged person I am I tripped on a clump of grass and twisted so I would not land on the headstone. I hit my knee hard and my wrist that is weaker due to the titauim plate and screws in it. I can't feel teh knots in my low back, and in my shoulders, hips , thighs, oh well I just hurt all over.
    It was a good thing I was not hurt badly as there was no one around at the time. So I would have been in deep trouble if I had landed on teh headstone as there is an WW2army medal that is imbedded in to the cement and it is on a steel post and if I had landed on it I would not be hear telling you about it. I would have been in a world of hurt. Thankfully it had been bent almost to the ground ad needs to be fixed.
    Yes I am a kluz a big one. and now I am paying for it again. If the pain gets worse I will get checked out. But for now I am using heat on the sore muscles and have taken some advil.

    Please pray for me that I have not screwed up my knee's and back. I think I wil live but right now my back is killing me so I am going to lay down and hopefully sleep asap.
  2. gb66

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    I'm sorry you are in so much pain from that fall. My husband stumbled in the front yard a couple of weeks ago but caught himself before he hit the ground.

    He must have hit his leg on something, or with his other foot because it started to swell and hurt a good deal. He has a deep vein problem in that leg.

    He finally decided to go to the doctor and they put him on antibiotics and did an ultrasound of the veins just to be sure.

    He's ok but still a little sore. It did swell some more and got warm to the touch so I guess there was inflammation.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to get checked out since you have other problems. I hope you feel better soon. GB66
  3. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Oh Rosemarie, so very sorry to hear of your mishap. I do hope there is no serious damage but know that the next couple days will not be pleasant ones physcially. So glad you didn't hit your head on the stone. Please let us know how you are doing tomorrow. Hugs, MicheleK
  4. MicheleK

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    Hi Rosemary, Wondering how you are doing. Didn't see you post anymore and am concerned. Hugs, MicheleK
  5. lvjesus

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    That horrible moment when you are feeling pretty good and BAM out of nowhere come something like this and you know you are in for it. Hate it!

    Hope you feel better by now.
  6. sunflowergirl

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    Reading this, and then thinking about Mikie's accident and another person's accident.....just when we're not paying attention......makes ME all the more cautious about my walking and movements around the house and outdoors.
    I've also gotten more cautious when I'm driving and have to keep reminding my husband NOT to rush everywhere, not to trust that the other driver is watching out for him.

    My son in law had someone make a left turn in front of him the other day......over $l5,000 damage on his NEW car....less than a week old. I told my daughter he's just very blessed not to have been hurt. I can just imagine how I would feel if that had been me.
  7. rosemarie

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    I am still paying for the fall.But I am ok. I was in a world of hurt tonight when I went to the morturary, the standing in line was so painfull and walking so slowy made my whole leg ache, by the time we were leaving I was almost in tears. Later my legs ached so badly and nothing I did seemed to help ease the pain. The leg ache felt like the ones I had as a child they hurt from my hips down and I felt like I had ice water in my veins.

    I am a klutz was born one and still am one. The only differnce is now people think that my tripping over things is due to my bad knee's when in reality it is me being a llutz. I have told my doctor that and he thinks I am being hard on my self, so I told him the story my mom used to tell me , she would hear a thump on the floor and I would be crying so she asked what happend, I told her," I fell off the floor" so see I am a honest klutz, sadly it has not gone away over the years. I dont' fall off the floor any more but then I dont' get down on the floor either cause I have a hard time getting up off the floor.

    So while I hurt more now than usual I know that I will be ok sooner or later just hope it is sooner cuase this is painfull.
    thanks for your concern and thoughts
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