I am going to try to work again....

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    They are still dragging the workmans comp out and now I have to go see the work. comp's doctor. I wonder if it's because I may have won on my side? My attorney doesn't tell me anything, I have to guess all the time.

    Anyway, I am going to try to go back as personal care aide but I still do have my social security filed just in case.

    I still deal with the myofascial pain, but I will let the office know what I can and cannot do this time. That's how I injured myself, accepting evening AND morning hours, knowing it may increase the pain. The knee injury sent me into a flare as I never knew before, couldn't even raise myself up from the bed in the morning.

    I was still on my 90-day probationary period with this company and wanted to make a good impression. After all I have been through to get as well as I was feeling, I allowed myself to be guilted into pleasing the office. I was more angry with myself than them. I thought my people-pleasing days were over.

    Work. Comp. is just dealing with the knee injury and not the fact it flared the fibro. up. They are trying to get out of paying saying it was all the Fibromyalgia.

    Surgery was in February and they want me to see a doctor now that the injury to the knee is pretty much healed. I don't understand.........
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    Please, take it as slowly as possible. Allow yourself a little more time to heal. Please only go work part-time for now. I hope your body heals itself and that you can work again.

    I'm in the same situation with my pulled stomach muscle. It's healing but taking a long time, and still bulging out. I hope to get a job this month, but if I do not, then at least I can hope for next month.



    P.S. As a personal care aid there is a lot of lifting. Let them know you can help them a little, but that they're going to have to lift themselves a little more.

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    A pulled stomach, that sounds painful...there is no way I could do a physical job with that. Does something like that ever heal completely?

    I applied for an office position 4 - 8pm at night at a nursing home. Sounded perfect for me, but havn't heard anything about interviews yet.

    The afternoon is better because of needing sleep and taking 3 hours in the morning to get myself and my pets taken care of.

    Let us know what happens as far as healing and employment.
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