I am gonna crash but when I don't know

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    Hey everyone.Sure have missed reading all the posts and seeing how everyone is doing.But let me tell ya,it has been crazy around here.
    Carrie has been in hospital with pneumonia(her temp. got up to 104.7).Then while is hospital her seizure medicine became toxic in her body for who knows why.We stopped seizure meds. for day and a half started back up day she was discharged.The Sat. had to call 911 and had her transported to hospital due to seizures.Her poor body is been through so much.Seizure medicine is getting back in her system so no more seizures.She is no longer coughing up blood,she was doing alot of that.She sleeps alot but when awake she seems almost like her old self.Ok, if you want to read on I am warning you it gets more dramatic.
    Husband is sick,dr. appt today.Daughter packed up and left Thurs. night due to an argument we had.I had asked her and her boyfriend to be quiet since Carrie just came home from the hospital.Well, they kept horsing around and the third time I called them down Amber got very upset threaten to leave.We went to a seperate part of the house and she contiuned to blast me with some of the most unbelievable comments.I said ok, leave.So boyfriend to her to his home and there she stayed until Sat. morning.Her boyfriend made her chose between him or her family.Wanted her to move in with him and his family.Well, she made the right choice but has a very broken heart.And just a few weeks ago I was afraid I had breast cancer before that Carrie was having pain in her head and Amber had surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis.Oh, and since June I felt like I was dying.Dx.with FM a few months ago.Have had pain I never knew could exist.This has been a very rough few months.I am tired have had pain but I push it aside,take meds. and keep going.I am afriad once everyone is well I am gonna fall to my knees and sleep for days.I continue to have trouble with my appetite which I had prior to all this.I have lost more weight and just feel bad.But I am the only one that is well enough to do all the things needed to be done along with being nurse and therapist to my family.

    SO you all be ready, I may be posting an SOS soon.
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    oh my your plate is so full. I am so sorry you are going through this..you will make it tho, and you have our support.. wish I could help you. hang in there and I will say a special prayer for you and your family..~hugs~ Peggy
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    This post sounds like an SOS, and I'm going to take it that way as you have way too much trauma in your family right now. I will pray for you to be able to rest and for others to start doing what they can do to help the situation.

    You will be in my thouhgts and prayers. You have had an agonizing time which seems to be continuing.



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    Thanks evreyone for all the support.We sure need it.Carrie getting better everyday.She sleeps alot but it is good restful sleep.She has had seizures for many years,nothing serious just a stare but what happened Sat. was a complex partial seizure.Took her neuro.Mon.He explained what happened.Oh,I don't think I told you about Sat.We had to call 911 and have Carrie transported to the hospital due to this seizure.She has never had a seizure like that before.The reason she had a seizure is due to too many opnions from too many dr.'s.It's a long story.Her seizure meds. were out of wack.Amber is starting to get sick and dh is sick.Took him to dr. yesterday got an antibiotic and cough meds.He still feels awful this morning.As far as I go,well, I just don't know yet.I cleaned my whole house yesterday(I do that when I am nervous and plus it was dirty).Had a few spasms in my back and ribs even felt like I had a ballon in my chest a few times,trouble breathing.Just anxiety.I am so tired but can't rest except at night.I took a klonopin along with my sleep meds. last night so I could sleep through the pain.I think the lack of appetite is from stress.It's wierd,I usually eat when stressed.

    Oh well,we are gonna have a nice thanksgiving dinner tom. at home and just keep looking for each day to get better.Everyday is a new day.I look forward to tom. and the next cause I look forward to good things to come our way.

    I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.I am so thankful to have all of your support.