I am having taxes taken out of my disalilty check for hubby

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 17, 2007.

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    MY husband makes about $25.00 per hour so adding my income to his when we file jointly will raise us into another tax bracket. I talked to him and he asked me if I would have some taken our for taxes he didn't tell me any amount or percentage so I chose to have only 7% taken out of my checks.

    That way some will be taken out and it should be enough so that we don't owe any thing. I may later on take out a bit more after I ask an account how much fedreal taxes would be talken out if this were my paycheck from a job. That way I will know just how much I need to take out as I am not claiming anyone at all. I don't think that we will be doing to bad.
    I still am in a state of shock in getting this so fast and not having to face the medical board over the conditions that I have. It was a good valentines day though as I did get a dozen long stem red rose's from my hubby.

    I am not feeling so great to day. I have this darn cough that is so tight and I keep wheezing. I get short of breath if I do to much. IF I am not better by Monday I will check in wiht the doctor and find out what this is.
    But I have to go now as my ey's just won't stay open any more.
    LOTs of HUGS to all,
  2. ETN

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    you have to pay taxes on SSDI...I may be wrong..I myself have my hearing on March 1st.

    But I am thinking you don't have to pay taxes on it?
    I guess I will be looking into that for myself.

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